RLC Supply Chain Logistics/RA Fire Support Team

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by koochie_kaz, Feb 13, 2012.

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  1. Hi!

    Ill try again.

    Am in the process of enlisting and am torn on the above 2 roles and their day to day lives.
    I am a graduate who is hoping to commision later after some time in the ranks. I have been with the RNR for a number of years and have toured Iraq and Afghanistan the latter with the Royal Marines so I am comfy saying I have a degree of experiance.

    I am wanting to get an insight in the 2 roles, is there anyone here who currently works in either who would be happy to discuss? Or do any of you know who I could pm to enlighten me? I am a triathlete so would lean more towards more physically demanding challenges with even a view to attempting the Commando Course ( I met Capt Tattersall she was an inspiration tbh)

    Tx Kaz
  2. If you are a triathlete, I'm going to assume you are not fat, therefore the RLC is not for you.
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  3. ha ha ! Your not a fan of the RLC then? Trust me, to see real professional porkers get amongst the RNR!
  4. I've been known to pass comment on some of the fat, downgraded waste of spaces.
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  5. Well aren't you a ray of sunshine?
  6. **** off cunty bollocks.
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