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Discussion in 'RLC' started by poet, Oct 16, 2005.

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  1. Got my training starting soon to become supplier for the rlc. (5th December)
    Read up on the job on the www.army.mod.uk/careers/logistics/jd_rlc_supplier.htm
    Just got few questions:

    Are there any suppliers that use this site that could tell me little more about the day to day job?

    Whats it like at deep-cut? All I heard about it is on the news is it that bad?

    Is my job title supplier or supply specialist? not that it matters much.

    When this http://www.army.mod.uk/rlc/index.htm
    going to be finished as some of the links don't work and they need a spell checker I think?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    edited because I cant get the tags to work :(
  2. Your trade has recently undergone changes, supply was in the past staffed by a combination of Supply Specialists, who were responsible for the actual execution of supply tasks, such as issuing and basic stock control (often in a tactical environment) and Supply Controllers who were responsible for more of the management aspects and serious accounting tasks.

    This has now changed and there is now a single stream for supplier with the post you fill dictating which area you are involved in. This will not make that much difference to you when you join but after a few years you will gain responsibility and find yourself understanding the diffferences involved.

    Deepcut is nowhere near as bad as is portrayed, sadly any small scandal (if a butcher got in a fight in town would anybody care?) with a serviceman based at Deepcut is blown out of proportion and often makes headline news. As a result of this the camp is run very carefully and as long as you understand this and do what you are supposed to when told to, you will be fine and will probably enjoy your time there.

    Sadly too many people cannot just get on with things there and try to blame their own inadeqacies on the camp or its regime...

    You mention your training starts on 5th December, is that basic training at ATR or is that when you arrive at Deepcut?

    Good luck, be professional and you will sail through...
  3. Thank you very much for you time hellfyyr

    5th December when I start at my atr in Pirbright.
  4. Top tips then:

    Stick to the military "Corps values" you will be shown

    When talking to people of any rank, be confident, but neither too cheeky or too dismissive. A good character is an asset, there is no need to be robotic about being a soldier (although there are times it is called for, you will know when).

    Always be smartly turned out/prepared and be the first to volunteer (because this is noticed and if you show willing, you are generally not given the worst jobs)

    good luck fella
  5. Well said Hellfyr, one of the few members of this site who has actually attempted to be a positive influence on our younger generation. If he sticks to just half the points you made then I shall look forward to having him serve under me.
  6. it should not need praise, should be the least anyone does...