Discussion in 'RLC' started by RLCQMAN, Dec 8, 2003.

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  1. Heard earlier this year that we could be getting into bed together!!!!! FNAR, FNAR.

    Have since heard that this may not now be the case and that Sup Spec and Dvr (which I hasten to add is a Spec Qual and not a trade) may be getting it on

    Any News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    or have those cheeky chaps at DRLC wised up yet?????
  2. I've heard that Sup Spec & VS will soon be as one!
  3. There are continuous rumours about sup specs and sup cons getting put together and calling us all Logisticians but it is simply rumour.

    Besides, if it does ever happen:

    1. It would take them about 10 years to implement anything because that is the speed they work at.
    2. Sup cons, having the skills of a sup spec and a sup con would not be under any pressure to do anything. It would be the sup specs problem to bring themselves up to the standard of sup cons.
    3. Many sup specs would die if they got posted into an office and many sup cons would not be happy working in the storehouse, this being said, there would be plenty against the idea.
    4. What next - chefs packing boxes and pioneers processing demands - lol - me thinks not!
    5. Aint gonna happen!!!
  4. I was a sup con.
    Sup cons do not know everything about sup spec work!
    Any sup spec/sup con should carry out some form of cross training with the other trade. But to merge the two trades will cause too much loss of in depth knowledge at trade.

    And to say the merge will never happen, well..... 8O
  5. I'd agree with SK on that point. While it might serve the purposes of deployability and flexibility (on paper at least) to have more people capable of fulfilling either role, the depth of knowledge on the day to day operational stuff won't be there meaning more and more admin delays in getting the jobs done.
  6. Funny how it all changes eh!!
  7. Interesting to see these views. Looking over the fence from the light blue side, I feel our Supply trade strength is the flexibility of the troops - they can all do all aspects. I would offset any loss of 'depth of knowledge' (which I don't really see) with the flexibility and increased breadth it would bring to have a single trade.
  8. So what is the current status of RLC Vehicle Specialists? Does the trade still exist & if not, what happened to them all?

    Its a shame if they've gone, most of the VS I knew at Ashchurch & MG were hard working blokes.
  9. We've been merged with the Suppliers.

    Watch out Pet Ops, you're next!!!!
  10. yeah all the Pet Ops will be merged with Porn stars, least the impression I got from the ones at shaibah :)
  11. did you meet evil?
  12. Is this the same EVIL Gold TOOF Pet Op one?
  13. Yep

    Did you see the "Help me Mr Blair" photo? The man is a legend in his own NAAFI break. He also bears a striking resemblance to one John Travolting.
  14. Knew him down Logs mate dont think he had the toof then but saw him a few years back in Doncaster on the lash