RLC Soldier first trade second!!!

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Thing, Apr 17, 2006.

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  1. You're posting pissed again.

    You know damn well I'd struggle to fight my way out of a pie wrapper
  2. AT fight??? fight what???? their big fat bellies?????
  3. i had the mis-fortune to chat to a young AT down at a local pub t'other day.

    Now, its not a military pub, nor did he know i was military...what a c0ck-end of the highest order.

    he spent all night telling me how well qualified he was, how many a levels he had, how he could have been an officer, how he'd been hard done by in his CRs, what a bunch of w@nkers the officers were etc etc...

    was he a crusty, old, bitter senior? No, he was about 21 and a Lance Jack.

    I agree...give the ATs their own area
  4. Interesting this. All, well perhaps nearly all, of the AT genus that I've met have been goodish blokes and a few have been stars, yet a fair chunk of those who post on this site appear to be whining wets with an industrial sized chip fryer balanced on each shoulder. Does this mean that when I meet rocket doctors in the future I should first ask if they post on ARRSE before deciding if its worth talking further to them, yet alone standing them a beer?
  5. rickshaw...i agree... and actually this has never occured to me before...

    maybe we could devise a ARRSE-onic type handshake, thereby identying potential culprits
  6. Goon before I even read your replies I smile.... why oh why Im so easily amused I will never know.. devise the handshake!
  7. ....................oh hell...... a momentary recollection of Rimmer in Red Dwarf doing that outrageous salute thing................ Thats the afternoon's work out of the window. I have something to work upon now. Curse you Goon Bde.....:lol:
  8. Goon and Rickshaw are you suggesting that you would judge a character by what is posted on here? People are just airing there views, sometimes well considered others not. Occassionally people have been known to play Devils Advocate. I pressume that I am guilty of BCFS (Big Chip Fryer Syndrome). ARRSE wouldn't work if we all had the same views. If you engage me in conversation in a pub I will be happy to identify myself and I would have no problems standing you a pint for we all have one thing in common - we have served Queen and Country - well or not so well.
  9. so you are not happy with your own personality and feel the need to log on and fulfill your alter ego? you will note from my posts that i am an inconsistent hypocrite - which if you ever had the misfortune to meet me on the piss (who knows, its a small world!) you would find is pretty accurate!!
  10. This idea of a special handshake reminds me of the old adage: if you can’t work out who the w@nker is in your Plt at RMAS / Basic Trg then its you. You guys never did work it out did you?
  11. Confirmed onist (spelling?), so maybe a handshake is a poor idea. :?

    Also I'm an AT so apparently a poor human.....oh well I'm happy in my world. :oops:

    If we end up in a pub together, you'll recognise me as the opinionated fat bloke - just like on here. As Rickshaw says, we're not all cnuts and neither are all officers! :wink:
  12. Thing, I reckon you are ex RAOC.....

    Anyways, fast promotion, higher payband.... bad pay my arrse!

    Lets have communism in the army. One set of pay for everyone!!!!! :D