RLC Soldier Cut Off By The Tide

Discussion in 'RLC' started by PoisonDwarf, Sep 16, 2007.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. Some assumption there MSR. At 29 he could still easily have served only months.

    Fortunately his unit won't take the pi$$ much.
  3. big age gap between them too him 29 and her 18 - would'nt happen in my day!!
  4. "It got to about 6pm, which is when Shaun had said the tide would be coming in. We thought we'd better go, but then we saw the path we'd walked over was completely covered with water."

    "Shaun said: 'Clothes off, we're going to swim it', but I replied: 'No, we're not!'. It was about 60 metres and I can't swim very well.

    Subtle tactics :wink:
  5. I see a pair of water wings on parade tomorrow morning!

    I wonder if he'll dare go on parade, makes me wish I was still in so I could be there.

    Good drills lad, good drills.

    Does anyone know if he's a member of this site?
  6. are you qualified to make that comment?
  7. Plan A - Give engagement Ring, no leg over go to plan B

    Plan B - Get Drunk, Still no leg over go to plan C

    Plan C - wait for the tide to come in and suggest getting naked, still no leg over.

    As much as you have to admire this fine RLC soldier and his good foresight and planning in getting his rocks off on the rocks perhaps someone should let him know that this poor success rate will only go downhill on marriage! :roll:
  8. Nice comment that, one of the most popular blokes in mid 80's when based at Topcliffe was a Gnr whose nickname was Grandad.

    I take it that even you can work out why
  9. Is that the fella that was about 9' 6" and maintained the saluting 25 pounder? Top bloke...
  10. Wicked, :) not only did he join late, he looked like he should have been in chelsea pensioners.
  11. 60 metres... Fcuking Jibbers!