RLC Snowboarding

Ahhhh 388ster the yearly excuse for swanning off is upon us again is it????
Keep an eye out in the Journal for initial info, and I will be distributing an admin instruction for the training week later in the year.
Just so you know - in outline there will be a training week held over the week 01-05 Dec in Neustift. We will be combining with the AGC (hopefully), and the Corps teams will be picked based on performances during this week. Obviously those with previous form will also be considered. We will be incorparating some racing in the trg week to get seedings and to get a result towards our own Corps results. Final details are still to be decided. The trg week will be open to ALL standards of riders from complete novices to those with previous racing experience. Girls will race in their own groups.
Ex Snow Jack proper is the following 2 weeks.
See ya there 8)
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