RLC Ski Championships

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Ford_Prefect, Feb 28, 2006.

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  1. Did anyone else’s Colonel travel to the RLC ski championships at Ruhpolding? I was wondering if anyone had ever been and if they could outline the extent of the pseudo Masonic handshaking that goes on there?

    I for one always wondered how Colonels / Field Officers and Warrant Officers who won’t walk 5 minutes to see the Regt play a visiting football team are more than keen to spend 8 hours and and a sizeable chunk of the T&S budget when there is the chance to compliment DRLC on this year’s Christmas jumper!
  2. Super point. Is there any takers to argue the fact??

    Just not in the RLC I suspect :) :)
  3. Come on FP, surely you should understand that skiing is the be all and end all, are you not a member of the Logistic Skiing Regt?
    If it aint skiing it dont matter. There are plenty more sports out there that dont get a look in.
    Yes once again im being negative and bitter and twisted.
    Spread the wealth skiers shouldnt get all the cash.
  4. Don't knock it until you've tried it! The RLC Ski Championships is 2nd only to the Army Vs Navy game as far as a most excellent social and sporting occasion to get together with a few like minded souls, do a bit of phys (sadly missing for most at the A v N game, unless you count exercising your liver) and enjoying a beer or 20. The Champs are staged by 1 LSR (formerly 1 GS, aka, 1 ADTR) who are tasked with the event as 'pay back' for the money invested in Corps skiing, which, incidentally, has resulted in them retaining the Princess Marina Cup (Army Alpine/Nordic Combination) again this year. Corps skiing happens to have thrown up one of the few British Winter Olympians this year - Cpl Emma Fowler - and a couple of others who ski the World Cup circuit and who just missed out. They all started as complete novices at the RLCs. I don't see to many of the lads knocking a ball about for the Regiment competing at that level. It is only elitist in the sense that only those that can be bothered to get of their fat arrses need apply - it is open to everyone and virtually every unit in the RLC (both TA and Regular) enters. Instead if criticising from the sidelines, get yourself a pair of planks and get yourself down there next year. You never know, you might enjoy it. It might also get you some face time with your CO!
  5. Erm where do I start? I like the fact that you compare the RLC ski championship to the Army / Navy rugby match; it’s just when I attend the latter the Regimental T&S account doesn't pay for me to fly from Europe and put me up in a hotel! You go on to further justify Corps skiing because it has "thrown up" a member of the British Olympic team. There is a reason why few British civies compete in the winter Olympics and that is because there is little tradition of those sports within the mainland and thus little interest - think Cool Runnings with kids from an inner city estate in Glasgow! It surely cannot be cost effective to fund an entire ski circuit to equip one person to make it to a second string Olympic team! Will her successes have an impact on Corps recruiting? Does our target demographic watch Biathalon skiing – live from Petrograd- on Eurosport at 0715 hrs?

    My main point, however, remains this; that the championships themselves would appear to be nothing more than a jolly where Colonels can get together with a selection of cronies and watch their teams (or not because they are skiing themselves) compete in events, for trophies that none of the lads back in their Regts actually give a damn about. COs and OCs are seemingly happy to travel across Europe to see 16 skiers (most of whom are above the rank of Corporal) compete, yet wont drive to a neighbouring garrison to watch the Regimental football team; which is a truly accessible sport for all Soldiers. Now I’m not sure about costs but I’d imagine a three week ski camp in Sweden isn’t cheap; this may be why its nigh on impossible to get money out of Regiments.

    I look to be convinced otherwise.
  6. go on then FP, i'll fcuking bite.

    a significant portion part of the army budget goes on sport and AT, i presume your happy with the reasons why. the rlc ski championships is a pretty cost effective way of getting as many rlc soldiers as possible 'on snow' and experiencing pant soiling fear (of throwing yourself down a steep sheet of ice with unweildy planks on your feet to act as brakes) or lung busting exertion (30 km as fast as you can, standby, go... oh, don't forget your bergan) which the sport and AT budget sets out to do. In order to run the rlc champs, the rlc must maintain the relatively well funded elite (or it will go to a ball of chalk). the rlc champs is specifically aimed at and geared around encouraging novices (ie pte soldrs). in addition it is one of the more professionally run aspects of the rlc and something to be very proud of (esp when compared to the utter clusters that other corps and regts organise, which incidentally are a lot less cost effective). the champs are the sole reason for the excellent corps wide reputation of 1 LSR (unless you can think of any others, FP!?)

    it is unfortunate that some 'competitve' regts send more senior ranks (therefore stifling the opportunity for junior sldrs and the spirit of the champs)and also unfortunate that it has become a DRLC/CO's loving, which has clearly riled you, FP. For these i can make no excuse and believe that from a 'leaders point of view' CO's should make a point of not going (and support the regt football/rugby instead) as an example (when it actual fact, the dent to the T&S budget is probably minimal). the sad thing is FP, that when you become a co, you'll probably not waive the opportunity for some DRLC face waving, a piss up with your muckers and a spot of sport, (which i suppose is why they do it - but that doesn't stop it sending out the WRONG message).

    now i know that you're thinking if you were to withdraw all funding from the current rlc ski set up, you could provide basic skiing for a far greater number of soldiers. however, this opportunity already exists - how many soldiers have you sent on the relevant AT cse, not that many i'd venture because you want your trucks painted and hangars swept. the rlc champs provides a central focus which surpasses camp routine and exercises and therefore actually suceeds in getting more soldiers away. additionally there is the sense of competition, which adds far more value to the experience than a basic ski course.

    there are precious few perks left in the army, instead of knocking the ones that are left, how about enjoying them?
  7. Not just a perk b_e_b. The very existence of the Ski Championships and the encouragement to enter same around the RLC is a massive boost for recruiting at TA Regional Regts. Yawn, I hear you all say, except - we entered one TA Soldier this year who will be staying with the RLC instead of going infantry when he transfers to the Regular Army. We have another who will be transferring to regular RLC when he thought he was only ever going to be a TA soldier. And the fact that my particular Regt (which most of you know or can guess) did so well this year gives our recruiters something far more positive to talk about in their recruiting spiel than the fact that, oh yes, we have also contributed the single largest number of soldiers for mobilised service than any other RLC TA Regt (possibly even than any other TA Regt/Bn - we must be there or thereabouts). So do the RLC Ski Championships also boost normal numbers attending, and therefore training for role? Does it also improve retention even outwith the Ski season? I have absolutely no evidence to prove that it does but I would hate to see it go just in case!

    Looking wider than just a single Regt: who knows, it might even create a stronger bond between the soldiers in our Regt and our paired Reg Regt for forthcoming joint exercises - a very good thing if that works in my opinion. Any 7 Regt Skiers on forum?

    BTW - our Regt is also doing rather well in the Army Football Championships - sporting success in one arena breeding sporting success in another methinks and all, as I mentioned, causing military success into the bargain! Don't know if DRLC will make their next outing, which is the Semi-final, but I know for a fact that the CO will be there.

    As a point of note - I have no interest in skiing whatsoever and would rather watch a snotter roll down a window than watch a football match (although I will be there regardless) but I see the value for the soldiers participating, the esprit de Corps that success is bringing for all whether participating or not and the fact that for a few hours (or even days for the luckiest) I see soldiers enjoying themselves and talking positively about another tour. This time last year many of them were hanging up their boots having "had their war" and not expecting to see any fun in the twilight years of their soldiering career.

    RLC Ski Championships a very valuable contribution to the ongoing success of the Corps as far as this non-skier is concerned.
  8. i believe she came 78th...

    i'm quite sure that the investment in her wasn't worth the return...

    for once, i'm afraid, i have to agree with FP.

    Skiing is resource heavy for very little return...i'm quite sure with the correct mentoring and almost 4 yrs full time training either FP or myself could make it into an olypmic squad for a minor sport...

    and i'm sorry, the arguement about gaining good PR for the army is a tired, ineffective one.

    Maybe yesteryear when several serving personnel were representing their countries or top-level club rugby it was valid but those days are long gone
  9. Well there goes any shred of credibility I once held!

    Its not that I fail to see the positive aspects of Army or Corps skiing I just think it should be kept in context. I don’t believe that it is a particularly cost effective means of providing AT to soldiers and I would hypothesise that the time and effort that went into organising such events could be better spent on more inclusive activities or better directed training. I think a high end ski team would compliment a Regt’s portfolio when there was universal support and participation in other (more accessible) sports. My views on skiing are exactly the same as my views on the ubiquitous regimental golf team (the one that is comprised almost entirely of warrant officers and LEs and goes on an annual tour to America) it does little to drag soldiers off the park to do more interesting endeavours. I appreciate that the Corps identifies skiers early and allows soldiers the opportunity to sample something new and different I would just like to see more of an emphasis on development instead of sending the same old faces year in year out.

    I personally have loaded about 25 soldiers on AT cses this year including skiing, which I have done, despite it not being my job, because I feel passionately that the ordinary tom should get to do sexy stuff once in a while; if only others within the CoC felt the same way.
  10. Oh god, and now I'm forced to side with FP - well in part anyway.

    I'm all for skiing, AT etc etc and agree with b_e_b in this respect, but I to have to question the motives behind our esteemed comds' attendence at these jollies - I certainly don't hear of many competing! It is interesting that b_e_b notes the 'unfortunate' effect that wasting money on DRLC/COs loving has spending that money on soldiers.

    My appologies to FP for discrediting him further, but I hope he understands that it is at great personal risk to my own credibility that I even agree with a fracton of his post.
  11. Less time toadying, more time spent on sentence construction! :D
  12. I seem to agree with all parties here.... Let me explain.. I do play football, I do go skiing and I am above the rank of Corporal. Now the reason I say the latter is because FP mentioned that the guys and girls that ski are mostly above the rank of Full Screw. Mate its hard enough to get the playstation generation on any form of AT these days, there is just no intrest!
    When I have attended Army/RLC ski meets there has always been a personal contribution paid, normally above 200 quid. So its not all take take take from the people concerned, yes I do agree with the fact that alot of unit CO's use it as an excuse for Op Signet but then again would'nt you?
    The RLC ski meet itself has got to be done! What a place to meet up and get mingin with old pals that you aint seen for a while. So i have to say, for the Physical, entertainment, fun, social and drink factor the RLC ski meet can't be knocked! I challenge anyone to go give it a go and not come back and say its "Fcukin Quality!"
  13. There is definitely a bit of a jolly going on, but, the counter argument would be that if COs and other worthies did not visit, the skiing would not have a good 'profile' and would therefore not attract as much funding. So on balance, we who do not necessariliy think it is a good use of T and S for COs to swan over there should not protest too loud - lest it gets binned and denies young soldiers the opportunity.

    As for 78th in the world, not too shabby really, can anyone on this site claim to have represented their country in an Olympic games?
  14. goon bde wrote:

    goon, you are having an absolute laugh. it is oft quoted that top sportsmen require 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, if you had either of these attributes (ie talent or dedication) then you would probably have attempted to become a professional sportsman. there are countless athletes who have fallen by the wayside and whose stories we never hear. i put it to you that you were wise to realise your own limitations and never to attempt such a career path. neither you or i are in a position to decry the (very commendable) efforts of those who attempt such competition.
  15. I do not ski, but have played most other sports at Regimental level. I am sure that those soldiers that have a backbone, are willing to try something new and physically challenging and are willing to dip into their own pockets to attend such events are those that do not believe that the ski-ing championships are a waste of money. The preparation/training time away from 'work' required by these individuals amounts to no more than the Regimental Boxing teams or the weekly (at least) training sessions and matches attended by the Regimental football/rugby teams (a 6 month season).

    If a CO/OC was to watch only a single match/game played by all of their Regimental/Sqn teams, that far outweighs the amount of time that they spend on the annual pilgrimage to the Ski Champs. Just because they do not/ can not attend all matches does not necessarily mean that the skiers get their undivided attention.

    I have yet to serve in a unit which cannot afford to go on AT due an insufficent T&S budget . The usual reason for no AT (aside from Op commitments) is because of apathy and idleness among the junior soldiers who find it difficult to leave the comforts of their Playstation and their spotty girlfriends. If the CO wants to spend T&S on travelling to see his men/women competing, I say 'Good on him'. The participating troops appreciate it.