rlc section comanders

hi all

just a quick question

anyone got a copy of what goes in to a drops section comanders folder ie returns and that sort of stuff

any help at all will do

hi all

just a quick question

anyone got a copy of what goes in to a drops section comanders folder ie returns and that sort of stuff

any help at all will do

Best suggestion is to go and see your Sqn Ops SNCO and ask for a copy of the relevant paperwork - tends to change from unit to unit as to what they see as important, even within the same Regiment!
YEH cheers for that idea

But its a total joke at our place thats why i came on here to a better advise and help

thanks anyway

As a guide the folder usually covers all info that is used regularly. These normally include a copy of USOPs and several R2s. The most commonly used ones through experince are LOCSTAT, PERSREP, RESUPDEM, CAZEVACDEM. Most of these will vary depending on your role. If you can get hold of your units SOPs then that will be half the battle. :D
I'd expect a DROPS Section Commander to be carrying a vehicle and crewing list, as well as what is loaded on to the back of each vehicle and trailer (if any). Details of licenses are normally a Troop MT thing, although they should know the HAZMAT quals of the guys in their section, as well as knowing who can drive what. That's mostly so that when they get into a non-RLC unit they don't get spammed by someone to do something they're not qualified to do.

Much better for the Section Cpl to be saying "No" than the driver getting gobby.

Additional paperwork relating to the load and some sort of consignment note for handing in when they drop their load off, together with a tasking sheet. Depends on the task though.

Vehicle faults list, and a form to be handed in to the Troop CP to demand spares.

A rough idea as to where his blokes are in the eat/sleep scheme of things, as well as their driving hours.

This is mainly so that when he/she gets back into location, they can let their Troop hierarchy know when they're next available for tasking, if the Troop CP are not on top of things.

LOCSTAT stuff is more Troop CP level, as are any of the other R2. Most units produce something locally to suit them, that the guys can fill in and hand in.

Oh, and a mobile phone so that when they get lost, they can call up their Troop Staffy and ask for directions... :p
In addition to Mr Relaxed, suggested list, the orders headings and some JSP71 tie down schemes that you are most likely to use (JCB, LR ect.) and the definitive up to date JSP341 driver hours chapter.
One the best idea that I have seen in use |(so much so I have started to insist my sections commanders do it) is a small book of returns consisting of veh manning list, with VRNs Zaps and weapon numbers with the veh load, rack type and fuel state for each veh. My section commanders hand them in on return from tasking so the CP has all the essential info on one bit of paper, it also the mean the sect commander is spending to much of his life stuck in the CP when he should be with section and isn’t always spending hours filling scraps of paper with manning lists ect. To that end carbon paper is good.
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