RLC seaman/marine engineer questions


Anyone in the r.l.c T.A as a seaman or marine engineer, if so what are these trades like? my application is being processed and seems to be taking an eternity, is this the norm? what is involved in the trade training what adventure training happens? how often should i expect to be compulsory mobilized? how long will i have to spend away on such a
tour? any opinions appreciated. cheers..


No - they are RLC trades - I didn't know they had a TA part though. Try posting your question on the RLC part of the Forum.
Why don't you join the Royal Naval Reserve??


ok i will try the rlc forums. seaman/marine engineers are specialist trades of the rlc at grantham. cheers guys.


We have been doing our TAFS at Grantham with the RLC and to be honest i don't remember them mentioning those trades, but as I'm Royal Engineers i wasn't taking much notice of all that stuff!
TAFS (Territorial Army Foundation Scheme) training weekends cover the following training objectives as set out in the Common Military Syllabus (CMS (R) TA):

Physical Training
Military Education
Military law
allansigston said:
basic military training? is this where all specialists do there basic training?

Phase 1 (recruit) & Phase 3 (Career) training for the TA, primarily RLC.

By the way, I think 165 Port Regiment RLC(V) is the Unit that you are on about.
siggy said:
basic military training? is this where all specialists do there basic training?

If you are interesting in 165 and join as a specialist, I heard a rumour that 165 was becoming an Independent unit


welly head.. yeah i heard that too, but when i phoned the rlc they said that they had heard no such rumours. Where did you hear this?


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Elm. of 266 Port Support Sqn (i.e. Princess Beatrice's Isle of Wight Rifles) are still independent last I checked, having been kicked out of the infantry in Rebalancing (spit).

266 may become an independent sub-unit within 165.
The_GreyMan said:
Yes, Matelot, sounds more like the RNR

Do the RNR still go to sea much? I thought they got rid of the seagoing branches along with their mine sweepers about 10 years ago.

Seems that aspiring part time matelots will get more sea time in the TA than in the RNR!


I am a seaman with 165 port reg, it's a good unit we work out of Marchwood and there is plenty going on, on average I do around the 40-50 days a year, With working down at Marchwood you are along side 17 port and maritime are regular counterpart's, so we do some training and drinking with them, this cuts down on the stab arab banter.
The hole unit was compulsory mobilised in 2003 along side the reg's which has put us in good sted. There are plenty of chances for tours, everything from hot sandy places to just a couple of weeks FTRS down at Marchwood or one of the other not so hot places like the Falklands, they are so short of people that they are always asking for volunteers. Training is done by the regulars down at the defence school of logistics at Marchwood and I have to say was a good.
If you want some more info on the trade have a look at the RLC website, If there is anything else you would like to know drop me a PM.