RLC Sea fishing team.

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Trigger696, May 23, 2008.

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  1. Just a quick one, iam bloody nuts about sea fishing, i was just wondering if the RLC had a sea fishing team?

    If so, do they fish competitions? Is the team full?

    Any info would be great.

    Triggy... :wink:
  2. Sure they do, and they're looking for a Captain and to increase their membership from its, admittedly rather poor, current state of approximately zero.

    Seriously though, I am not aware of such a thing (someone please correct me), but if it does not exist, why not start it up yourself?
  3. I suppose the first place to look is a Unit near the sea? We are, but the nearest the lads here get to fishing is going to the lake on camp and fishing for all the U/S kit that has been thrown in over the years during BOO time! 8O
  4. 17 at Marchwood would be your best shout, if there is a club/interest, thats where it is more likely. My brother was with them on one of their old tubs "St Geroge" when they still had them, they used to fish of the back of the boat on their bi-weekly jaunt across to clogland so there was a unofficial sea fishing team of sorts historically.
  5. 17 are too busy being rugby queens.
  6. Would Sea Fishing be considered an official Army sport? Not heard of any other Corps/Regts doing it.


    Sods law now dictates that any posting you receive will be as far from the coast as is possible.
  7. Pretty sure the REME have one
  8. trigger696

    Please see PM

  9. Dingerr, dont jinx it please mate,

    When i get my first unit posting, if i end up in timbucktoo 300miles away from anything that could be classed an ocean i will not be happy. :omfg: