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Discussion in 'RLC' started by woopert, Jan 26, 2002.

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  1. URL for the RLC web site.


    The site has now been updated and now includes an online shop as well as links and the Logistics Employment Network (LEN).
  2. Unfourtunately they don't seem to react to coments on accuracy or updating their info with the lightning speed of people who enjoy their job!

    Some of the info for my trade is incorrect from being outdated, i.e. no. of posts, ranks etc.

    No worries though our desk at records dosen't give a toss either!
  3. Who is responsible for the RLC site. There is 1 page that really does the Corps a dis-service:


    This page gives details about the Master Driver role. The page looks like it was written by a 4 year old, with very basic spelling errors (Spelling is not my strong point, but Im not writting an RLC web page).

    Having been a Master Driver for 7 years I feel that this page degrades the appointment. Remember, "Be The Best" :!:
  4. I`ve just read the page from the website you quoted and yes it does sound like it was written by a trog
  5. Sorry, but if I went to this site to see about joining the RLC I'd end up in the infantry.

    It's a poorly executed site with poorly presented information and too many lost links to the pictures illustrating the site.

    I mean, on the Pioneer page they have to point out that a private... :-

    ...that'll be every soldier in the army then huh? :?
  6. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    The Corps site is rather w*nk, and as for the museum page!!

    It states you can learn about the trades in the RLC through the exciting website. Where are the links? I see the band has got a large portion, think I've only seen them twice, and when previous unit I was with wanted "our" band to play in the mess they were busy with some outside unit. Too busy being on tour and swanning off no doubt.

    Someone have a word.
  7. Without wanting to belittle anyone................

    :twisted: Nah, Bollox that's what the RLC is about! That website is Toss!

    I can't be too specific as I nearly fell asleep whilst browsing but e.g on the 1 Gone Skiing Regt page it mentions "Specialist Trades" then shows Driver and Sup Spec & Con. I'll try not to antagonise members of those trades by digging at their trades, but they are the basis of the RLC not a specialism within it. Victualler, DI, Ammo Stores person, those are specialisms.

    As usual the RLC has managed to complete a task! Just. Inadequately. :cry:
  8. For a lesson in how to produce the worst web site ever (and for those who have access to CASH) I suggest you visit the RLC website on the MOD Intranet! - utter dogsh*te. It seems as though taxpayers' money is being given to 3 year old with ADD and a dislike for the RLC!
  9. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

  10. If I might be allowed to promote a RLC web site that does what it says on the tin:


    When I posted this the site had 1346 visitors on the counter. Lets see the take up from (the RLC element of) arrse...
  11. Very nice site if you like to Yacht alot. But what does it tell me about the Corps? It tells me that they don't seem to do alot with their spare time. :p
  12. Frankly its more amateurish than the main website and all the counter will prove is how many more people have had their time and patience wasted by cheap 'bubble' backgrounds!
  13. Hi all i am one of the moderators of the site that supports the RASC, RCT and RLC forum.
    If you would like to have a look come to this site via this URL www.waggoners.co.uk. and this direct to forum www.waggoners.co.uk/forum I am ex RCT and i am Ray Moreton. If you require any further info email me at ray_moreton@moretonsystems.co.uk
  14. A nice and apt summary of the intellectual ability of the average trog truckie methinks!!!