RLC Regiments up north?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Steve_Fleming, Feb 14, 2012.

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  1. I've heard that 12 LSR could be moving up north but don't know if it's true or not because I've also heard they could be moving to Bicester, also I've been having a look into 8 Regiment and it looks like they are based at Marne barracks near catterick is this still the case or not.

    Thanks in advance to anyone that helps
  2. I hope that isn't a very poor wah.

    Currently RLC north is Bicester. 8 Regt were in Catterick but moved back to Germany in 2008 and are currently sat in Münster. I say currently as they are disbanding next month. If I were to offer some general advice to you, it would be to not get too wrapped around the axle in terms of where your first posting is, but just to get there and work hard to learn your trade and gain respect from those already there. If you get your heart set on going somewhere, the Army will disappoint you. If you have any sort of choice, try and get out to Germany while we still have units out there. The chance to live in a foreign country with brothels, excellent beer, an almost total absence of licencing laws and no speed limit on the autobahn (motorways) will be worth it.

    By the way, shit PERSEC.
  3. I've been given a posting to 2 LSR in gutersloh but I was just looking at other options but thanks for your advice anyways
  4. Flemming i'm old school 2CS regt get your arse over there you'll have a great hang over club47 sammy's bielfeld just up the road
    if you like a bevvy mate 2LSR is the key (check out the REGT plaque) if not ask to go to a gay med regt,but good luck in the best REGT in the RLC
  5. Best Regt in the RLC surely you jest, crock of shit more like, would never go back there.....
  6. Originally Posted by Steve_Fleming
    I've been given a posting to 2 LSR in gutersloh but I was just looking at other options but thanks for your advice anyways

    Other options?? You dont!!!! You have just said you have been given a posting to 2 LSR and thats where your going!
  7. Steve,

    You have been given an Assignment Order, get used to it.
    You will have to crack on and make the most of it as best you can.

  8. Get used to it as its crap ive just heard from a good mate of mine who is there now. And this person is one of the powers-that-be so unlucky Steven!!!
  9. 12 LSR are getting crammed in with 3 & 4 LSR, except 12 are hanging out at the sides with accommodation for singlies in Bicester and Pads in Arborfield,
  10. I had heard that the best regiment in the Corps was 152 (U) Tpt RLC (V)
  11. yeah maybe the pipes and drums part of 152(U) tpt
  12. Aw come on now mate, there were some fantastic piss ups there.....
  13. Piss takes more like, oh and back stabs as well..... Even you were glad to leave
  14. You mean 13 aa 63 squadron is the best.