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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Bushnut, Jan 22, 2008.

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  1. After not being able to get an answer from a lot of people in my Regt, I have tried searching on ARRSE for an answer - but to no avail!

    Can anybody shed some light on our 'corps colours' (ie. red, blue, gold/yellow). Why they're the size they are, and any historical references?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Try RLC Regt HQ at deepcut, they won't bully you and may give you the real answer. it is related to the forming corps and traced back to RASC etc. Col Mike Lake was the guy who pulled it all tegoertther including the quite horrendouis Mess kit which is the shame of the Corps.
  3. Couldn’t disagree more, I like the mess kit, one of my mates only joined for the mess kit!

    I remember the last DRLC talking about the formation of the Corps saying how all the heads of shed had neglected the important issues of the day, whilst they squabbled over the width of the red trouser stripe, leaving younger, better men to sort it all out. Without any hint of irony he then made his apologies to leave the HQ bar to attend the dress committee - agonising over the renovation of female mess dress.
  4. I know one thing:

    The streak of yellow never came from the RAOC.
  5. Seconded!!!! :D
  6. Classic!!
  7. The "streak of yellow" came from the Aldershot Concrete Company - better known as 'bunting yellow'.
  8. No-one has mentioned the Officers' Club Tie yet.

    And as for the matching blazer. Has anyone told RR it was only ever meant as a joke!
  9. Given that we could have chosen any form - I do not understand why we ended up looking like a bunch of mourning cavalry geeks. The collars are uncomfortable and riduculously hot, very few people wear it properly with a collarless duoble cuffed shirt underneath the who ensemble, and know one cares! What 's the point!!

  10. Never, ever, ever mention that again. There are just some things that are not to be spoken of and the Jackson-Pollock that is the Tie and Blazer is one of them. Hang your head in shame.
  11. I take it by the responses that nobody else actually knows either?
  12. The tie's not that bad, though I wouldn't go so far as a blazer. The fact he used to wear it to the Army Navy rugby of all places. I means, come on, that's next to being seen in public...
  13. Not that you need to wear it now eh civvy...

    The traditional abuse out of the way; I can now AGREE with Ford (this is a first) and state that yes (Darth Vader strangling from the collar aside) I also like our Mess kit .

    As for the previous DRLC :roll:
  14. On the contrary, I just wouldn’t fit in walking around Camden Lock without my mess dress jacket and skinny jeans!!