RLC/RAOC EOD Op Banner. Royal Signals Museum requests some information

We have in our museum a segment of an ice cream van blown up in Newton Hamilton on 4th September 1974. As part of a new Northern Ireland Display we wish to include this piece but need information about the event. Apparently there would, or might have been, a Felix log with details.

We have requested information from the RLC museum but hoped this line of enquiry may prove a little quciker.

If you canoffer us any information it would be appreciated.

Stats Cat used to record all taskings undertaken by the teams.

This was a position undertaken by an AT SNCO, there is an ARRSEr who was stats cat at one time.

Try mailing General Melchett he may be able to point you in the right direction.
The historical records from Sep 1974 listing every explosion/disruption and significant incident, make no reference to an ice cream truck in the listings which would suggest that the vehicle was neither part of a neutralised device nor a recovery following an explosion.

That said, some teams take souvenirs from an incident where the team destroy a vehicle by explosive means. It is probable that the ice cream van had some novelty value to the team. The trend by the IRA towards the end of 1973 and into 1974 was to use larger vehicles for their attacks so it is likely that the ice cream truck was either deemed suspicious as fitting the trend or hijacked and placed as a hoax neither of which would have made the listings in the records I have.

The personnel records from the time list one of my former WO1s as being on team as a Cpl, I will see if he remembers the incident or if he can point me towards someone who can shed more light for you.

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