Discussion in 'RLC' started by RWG1, Jun 8, 2007.

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  1. Iv been aiming to go TA but have started to think about going regular instead. Seeing as i just quit a job working for the railway, the RLC's version sounds quite good.

    Iv phoned up and recieved an interest pack, but its not that informative.

    I was wondering what you really do in the job, this seems the best place to ask.

  2. Drive trains???????
  3. GO FOR IT!!!!!......check out hospital trains.......you may not get much joy from the MOD......But check out trains for the QUEEN......= Good dosh
  4. 79 Railway Sqn is a sub unit of 17 Port and Maritime Regt RLC. 17 Regt is based at Marchwood with 79 Sqn programmed to join them. The Corps LO office at Deepcut can provide you all the info you require including familiarisation visits. Visit the RLC website for numbers addresses etc.
  5. Toot Toot pshticku pisshtiku pishtiku woo woooo .........this is the age of the train............ Ivor
  6. Do they have a trainspotters link?
  7. Do we have hospital trains?

    Any info?
  8. I suggest you go into AFCO and ask for a job brief. There is info in the job brief that is not on the website. (something that I think is silly and no doubt I will rant about that some other time)
  9. a very odd but fascinating CEG. 79 Sqn have a very interesting role and do some very interesting deployments / exercises.

    IIRC they recently went on 'ex' in somewhere like india and spent a couple of weeks driving steam locomotives! nice work if you can get it!
  10. The hospital train is long gone, it was consigned to the Nato dustbin when 79 were brought back from Germany, 275 railway troop are the TA contingent of 79 railway troop, when they parade together they morph into 79 Railway Sqn (yes 17 P&M has its very own TA unit now, be careful with it though and always make sure you shut the gate after you or it may run off!)

    79 have mainly younger blokes in the unit, they do a lot of phys type stuff when not thomas the tanking it, where as 275 have a more mature membership which prefer to just do train stuff, 79 are good at darts as well. :D
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  11. I take it that if you join the unit, you will spend most of your career at Marchwood, near Southampton? Apart from ex/ops .

    That could be a good or bad thing, depends how you look at it..but I cant see being based near Southampton is a bad thing.
  12. 79 are based at Bicester.
  13. Interesting depot arrangement at Bicester and Arncott
  14. 42 miles of track, some of it is unserviceable now, thats the part they wanted to use a a asylum centre a few years back, in its heyday 100+ rail staff were employed at Bicester, 2 signal boxes were in operation and also 2 level crossings, all the signalling equipment has been disconnected which is a shame, the whole site could of been used as a excellent training tool for RLC Rail operators and also transport and armoured regiments who would be most likely to visit a "railhead"

    Rail transport seems to be underestimated by the forces now, 79 were moving 40 odd pieces of armour in the Balkans using 2 members of traincrew, loco and rolling stock whereas how many tank transports & personel would have been needed to shift it by road? plus the hold up by road due to various militia checkpoints etc.

    The railway in Iraq could of been utilised to greater effect, imagine how much humanitarian aid could of been pushed through to Baghdad at the start of Op Telic!