RLC Radio Operator in Afghan

Discussion in 'RLC' started by little_miss_curious, Oct 7, 2007.

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  1. Hi, my OH has recently been posted on a 6 month tour in Afghan and I am not sure what he will be doing out there. I have tried asking him, but he is evasive as he is prob trying to protect me.

    I would like to know if RLC Radio Op's are sent out with infantry on field operations or do they have their own radio operators within their regiment. My OH is assigned to a medical unit so does this mean he will have to go out with the doctors to collect the injured.

    This is the first tour he has been on while we have been together and I am just not sure how it works.
  2. As a Radio Operator in a medical unit your OH will be responsible for a field depoyable hospital radio service. He'll have a bed each night and good food three times a day - not the Really Large Corps for nothing.
  3. little_miss

    No he won't, he will be a busy boy, depending on where he is.
  4. You could be involved in all manner of stuff but that will all depend on many factors.

    How fit you are?

    What type of medical support? Hospital? Med sect? Blue Light matrix?

    You won't be on the helicopter to pick up the casualties as there will be comms between the signaler on the ground and the heli.

    If you are part of a hospital you will find yourself in a iso container looking after signals equipment and supporting the hospital signal det. Boring Boring Boring. You get to relay medical signal reports, Pass on incoming casualty info and other such stuff.

  5. do you have him insured ?(cover all basses)
  6. He is probably evasive because he is the Rad Tp Battery storeman and will only leave camp for R+R!
    Good luck to him.

    Ruddy Fag Ops :twisted:
  7. I don't think anyone should answer this question. Her OH is obviously in SF with them and this is the reason he has not been forthcoming with the required information. I have a sneaking suspicion that he may already have been captured by Terry Taliban and this is one of them trying to illicit int from an unsuspecting website.

    If you want your question answered then you will have to prove that you are not Terry Taliban and post some 'photographic' images to me at Qman.sexyfun@bringbackhairyminges.com.net.co.uk
  8. Stinks of walt to me,

    he is really a postman
  9. Anyone out in Afganistan is a hero regardless of the job they are doing
  10. The Afghan local that cleaned our toilets was no "Hero" He just stunk of BO and spent his time trying to catch the girls having a slash!
  11. To true. Thats enough for me to give him respect. Just getting on the plane is enough for me to tip my hat to.

    Good luck whatever you end up doing.

  12. Yeah good luck to you?

    It's not just me is it?
  13. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    The OH won't tell you eh?

    "What happens on tour stays on tour". :twisted:
  14. Melchett

    Come on. Male rad op in a medical unit. For six months. What could possibly happen?
  15. He could turn gay, oh my mistake he's already a Rad Op just needs to come out of the closet!