Discussion in 'RLC' started by FredWest, Aug 28, 2007.

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  1. Spent a rather nice weekend in London.

    Did the sights, Buck House, Horseguards, Tower of London, etc.

    Had the misfortune of watching two toms mincing around the tower in No 1 Dress, hats off, fag in hand, totally killing off the admiration from the tourists around us.
  2. And what weekend was this?
  3. Thought the RLC had done their stint.
  4. They have, been back for a while now. Thats why I think bouncer boy is talking Batco!
  5. Not BATCO as I don't think R Sigs use low-level code much. Thats who was there a couple of weeks ago.
  6. That be the weekend just gone, Bank Holiday.
  7. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    And Fred you have done what about it; a letter to the Adjutant or RSM of the said unit perhaps.

    I sure they would be very interested or have just whinged on this site
  8. Not really a whinge, more of an observation, would there really be any point in writing a snotty letter, but maybe any NCOs' who are currently performing Public Duties at the Tower might wish to brief their lads as to the importance of keeping up the appearance, at least until they're out of the public eye.
  9. FredWest,

    It is a pity that your experience of RLC on Public Duties was tainted by this one observation because otherwise the feedback about both RLC units that have been undertaking Public Duties this Summer have been really positive.

    I am not serving in either unit and nor am not condoning uniformed soldiers smoking in public in that way. But it would be sad of the boys and girls were dispirited by the odd negative vibe when overall they did themselves proud and hugely bigged up the RLC.
  10. You should have bubbled them. If you observe an error, and take no action, you're part of the problem. A phone call to the RSM or Adjt would do, with date and time. Not about witch hunting...about educating the boys so they know the difference between right and wrong. I once had a word with a LBdr smoking in uniform whilst shoppoing in Salisbury, beret off etc. Didn't bollock him, but asked him if he was doig his uit and capbadge proud. People know the difference.
  11. Is 7 Tpt Regt RLC from Bielefeld not engaged in public duties?
  12. 7 Regt finished their stint at PD 3 Weeks ago and handed over to the Royal Sgnals. I suggest Fredwest goes on a Corps recognition Cse.
    Fred, now you have the correct Corps bugger off to the Signal Forum and see if they give a sh#t!
    7 Regt did the Corps proud during PD.
  13. Was speaking to good mate at 7 Regt yesterday and he seems to think that there may be another German based Regt doing them at the moment.

    Not 1, 2 or 12.....................The other one. But thats not me accusing, I am repeating what i have been told.

    Personally I think it was the Signals!
  14. Thr other one..... are there not another 4 RLC units in Germany?

    Although I admit I am out of touch with them all.
  15. The JDF are on public dutys at the moment.
    so i can see the confusion if you know what i mean.