RLC Proper Smashed

Discussion in 'RLC' started by The_Big_Floater, Jul 5, 2012.

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  1. Was expecting some major redundancies but looks like Gutersloh is a goner, would of thought 7 Regt would of been on it and I thought 8 Regt had already disbanded..... Does this mean that 25 Pnr Regt will now not re-role to TLR.
  2. RLC to be outsourced to Eddie Stobart, Little Chef & UPS, I'm afraid.
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  3. Suppose it's the Really Little Corps now...
  4. Should massively increase capability and quality of service then...
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  5. Should have been far more ruthless with the transport squadrons and kept more of the skilled Corps pax.
  6. I guess Maccy-D's are going to get a good choice of slop-jockeys then?
  7. Yep any **** can drive, but unfortunately trogs are like skid stains - almost impossible to remove.

    The good news is that ATs aren't getting touched.
  8. 100% agreed - though I'm still scarred from serving some of the Pombsen ATs'!
  9. Well if you look at it, 4 Sqns from Gutersloh alone all driver, 8 Regt a transport Regt gone, and all those from19 and the Supply Sqns, I would say that is a fair amount of drivers getting the boot.
  10. I think the fitness standards & requirement to wear uniform smartly might be a bit high.
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  11. Has postal been touched.

  12. Notification is still in the post.
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  13. A least we've still got the QOGLR...
  14. Well that just fills me with happy joy joy feelings...
  15. Hope all them drivers are not hoping to do the same in civvy street as there are not a great deal of jobs going at the moment!