RLC Proper Smashed

Was expecting some major redundancies but looks like Gutersloh is a goner, would of thought 7 Regt would of been on it and I thought 8 Regt had already disbanded..... Does this mean that 25 Pnr Regt will now not re-role to TLR.
Well if you look at it, 4 Sqns from Gutersloh alone all driver, 8 Regt a transport Regt gone, and all those from19 and the Supply Sqns, I would say that is a fair amount of drivers getting the boot.
Hope all them drivers are not hoping to do the same in civvy street as there are not a great deal of jobs going at the moment!
Yep any **** can drive, but unfortunately trogs are like skid stains - almost impossible to remove.

The good news is that ATs aren't getting touched.
So that's still 20 x WO and 100+ Stripeys diffy? at Glasgow's 2015 forecast, or is this 2020 - midday Scale A this side of the globe to be "told" tomorrow - another waste of time if it's already public knowledge, but maybe another opp for smugness - Take that all the stackers and (mostly) Trogs that ever questioned our value.
The good news is that ATs aren't getting touched.[/QUOTE]

Till your handed over to the RE. (well, the HTIED capability anyway). They can't be arrsed with the Filling Ammo boxes part.
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