Discussion in 'RLC' started by AndymcFlab921, May 1, 2009.

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  1. I have been a substansive Cpl in the TA for a number of years. can anyone tell me what the criteria is for being promoted to Sgt. I have completed my MPCA and i am a B2 driver. Is it possible for me to get promoted whilst i am a B2 driver or do i have to be a B1 driver. if i can be promoted as a B2 then can someone post a link as to where this information is. i am getting fed up of being told all i need to do is this etc and then when i have done that the goal posts have been moved.
    cheers me ansomes.
  2. Not sure if its different in the TA but in the regulars its extremly unlikly to get promoted to full screw if you are not a B1.
    Some toms are B1 in the regulars it wouldn't look good if they had to give advice to a TA sgt.
  3. roger all recieved. i was a class 1 infantryman in the rifles and transferred into the RLC. as soon as i could i done my MPC and then my MPCA as they would not except my infantry qual from brecon.i then done my b3 drops and then b2 driver and was told i could be promoted on that but alas the goal posts have moved and apperently i cant. am joining the regs proberly 10 regt for a tour soon.
  4. PM me.
  5. With re-trades (in the regulars) they are are usually fast tracked to get their B3/B2/B1 quals.
    I know off re-trades that had junior brecon so they didn't do MPC and the same for senior brecon instead of MPC(A) maybe its different in the TA, maybe they have changed the rules or maybe you have been given some duff info.
    However your B1 should be your priority without it, you are 99.9% not ever going to get promoted no matter what else you do.
  6. No it shouldnt....i have a Cpl, retrade...fast tracked which i want happy about and he failed his B1. He came off it and admitted that compared to guys that had been in trade for 3years or so, he didnt know no where near enough. In my eyes, and this goes for promotion...if you decide at Cpl to leave your trade and retrade, you have to take the hit and wait till your properly experienced. I also think LCpl and below should only be allowed to retrade.....my opinion and some may not agree.
  7. I think from HIS point that it should be his priority it will be up to his unit if it is theirs.
    Either way he won't get promoted without it.