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Did a quick search and can't find anything so apologies if this has already been done.

Met a couple of Brigade photographers when I was on Telic and have been thinking that this is something I might want to do. One of the phots was a reservist type who was a photojournolist in his civvy life and had been called up to do his civvy trade. He was friendly and helpful enough but didn't know anything about how to to get into RLC phot trade. The other bloke was an RLC phot but wasn't to friendly or keen to help me get in the trade. In fact he made the selection process sound harder than the SAS!!

I can't find any information anywhere on this either on the net or at my unit. Are there any Army photographers here who could tell me what I got to do to get in?

I wouldn't bother, it looks like the trade might be getting binned.

Happy to be corrected if im wrong though

According to that link there are no more vacanices for photographers. I'm actually AGC so maybe it would be easier for me if they did come over to the paper shuffling team.

cheers for the info anyway!
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