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Hi guys
I am currently serving in the Royal Signals, been in my regiment about a year, but looking to transfer to this branch. I know the requirements as far as rank is concernd, i am Signaller but as a civvy i obtained a degree in photography and have got about 2 years freelance experience, as i do not meet the required rank to join this branch do you think it is worth my while enquiring about it now because of my qualifications and experience or should i wait til i get to the rank required? Any info would be greatly appreciated
Any decent careers officer should/would have pushed you towards an RLC trade when you enlisted (if they knew about your experience and qualifications).
You would probably stood a better chance of transfer during your basic training before wasting time and money training you to be a signaller.

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RLC Training Instructions, which are available on DII in the Sustainment section of the British Army Electronic Battle-Box (BAEB) will give all of the info ref transfer requirements.

However, with your academic background, have you considered the RAF Photographic branch? I had some SAC Photographers work for me years ago. If it hasn't changed, you may be able to get into that without the rank. By the way, all of those sexy photos of fast jets that you see in promotional literature, they were taken by a photographer flying in a similar fast jet alongside. Whenever the RAF go overseas on exercises, Alaska, Las Vegas, Cold Lake, Oman, etc, they always used to take Photographers. Alternately, stay in the Army and take pictures on Salisbury Plain.
.......Alternatively stay in the Army and take pictures of salisbury plain as part of an organisation that isn't a bunch of self serving handbags!"

No need to panic .......all fixed for you!
I'd choose the RAF photography branch. All the Glory with half the pain and as ex-Army you'd rise above the rest.
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