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Well then,

I'm looking into a position listed as being part of the RLC as a photographer. I've been a photographer on civvy street for a few years now,keeping my day job and using it for money on the side. With the appeal of the army and the ability to bring something to the table I reckon I may have found the perfect role for me, given what skills I have to offer.

Can anyone elaborate on the role in terms of the training course and practical day to day operations as such.

As Poet said pretty much.
Once a serving NCO (may be waivered by DSOP) you go on an assesment cse, if you are what they want (very particular standards) then you go on a six month intensive course, then off to tthe field army to take media type images, technical stuff, etc etc.

good trade, plenty of travel, Low pay band though.
Thanks for the feedback lads. I'm not serving right now. I did a short stint before but got out, like all my relationships up to that point, through fear of commitment. I've grown up a lot and I'm trying to think outside the box of what it is I should aim off for before joining up this time.

Having perused through the photographers path in the army I've noticed that the RAF have this position as an initial trade? Wavering the requirement to having been in service pre selection. I'm know I'm in the wrong place to ask, but do you know any info about it? It appears to be the same training course?
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