RLC (Pet Op) or RE (DD)?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by alland83, Nov 1, 2012.

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  1. RLC OR RE??

    The Brief: I went for selection at start of week and came back with A Grade from Glencorse, I was offered job as CMT (Construction Materials Tech) with Royal Engineers (RE) but they have pulled the job role so no training dates. The RE have been in direct contact and have offered me Design Draughtsman or Design Draughtsman (Electrical and Mechanical) which is great, however my 2nd choice and original 1st choice was Pet Op (Petroleum Operator) with RLC which gives me hazmat and cat E driving license and are more hands on skills day to day unlike the two RE jobs which are more office based. The WO1 and careers office keep trying to put me off as they say I would get bored with Pet Op role because I have degree in construction management plus I come from a successful construction background working at all levels site & office based but the RLC is interesting as completely new set of skills.

    The Problem: I left my job to join Army as bored of sitting behind a desk, what do army want to do?.. put me behind a desk! :omfg:

    The Question: RLC Pet Op Trade or RE DD Trade? both have their own benefits and I am looking at doing this for next 12 years in Army so looking to hear from Pet Ops and DD past & present to give good and bad points to each and options once back on civvy street.

    Thank you
  2. My take on your dilemma, from an old fart's perspective. One day, you'll leave the Army. Would you like to carry your skills over into an employment that could make use of your experience?

    Civil engineering perhaps? Or tanker driver?

    Just a thought.
  3. First I have heard that they have pulled CMT, I'm sure my CMT would be intrigued to find his trade no longer exists now. More like they are full and no vacancies are available.
    In answer to your question, a Hazmat and Cat E you can do for resettlement, with your quals you would be better suited to our side of the fence. Being a glorified petrol pump attendant might be a little bit of a poor choice as you would rapidly find out. I would rather any kids of mine join the RAF than become loggies (ATO excepted).

    If you really want to work with fuels, then we have a fitter trade that does it at Cl 1 (the loggies cannot set up a BFI without our input) and then of course you would be eligible for Clk of Wks in the future where we do have fuels teams. Being a draughtie is no guarantee you will sit behind the desk. I employ 4, there are around 12 in the Regt and 3 of my four I have loaned out to the Recce tp as I do not want them sitting behind a desk doing seating plans because they are more than likely to be Clk of Wks in the future, therefore they need to know a little bit more than CAD.
  4. You've seen the adverts on TV, you've seen BBC News, you're bored to tears behind your desk and you want to actually be doing something. Understandable.

    I had a "boring" techy trade and once I got qualified and had some rank then I started volunteering for other stuff.

    I knew an RE Draughtsman, he submitted his portfolio, started doing a couple of evening classes, when he left he was a qualified Architectural Technician (more or less an architect without a degree) and got a job with some big London firm earning a shed load of dosh.

    There is plenty of scope to do the serious end of the job even if you are nominally a desk wallah, honest. The ones who never come out from behind a desk.......well thats their choice in the main.
  5. Your advisors are correct. Do not become a PetOp.

  6. Sapper145 - I meant trade was showing disabled on army recruitment system when I said pulled sorry, checked further into it and RSME is looking for lecturer to teach subject so that will be reason why no availability for course as CMT.

    Spoke to another ex-DD of RE today and put my mind at ease about whole desk job thing as well. Also just back from
    ACIO and they explained resettlement packages which by that point I will have a few more grey hairs and happy to be sitting behind a desk no doubt, seems mental to discuss it before I have even started. Also they spoke about a Phase 2b fast track program (..?) due to me having a NC, HNC & HND in Construction already which included CAD units and I do CAD tech role at present. So just waiting on call later today or tomorrow once the WO1 from ADSC answers phone to tick box and give me my start date.

    thank you again for advise.

  7. The only input we needed from the wedgeheads was waiting for them to dig the bunds. I seem to recall a couple of exercises building and running the 6 inch Aviation sites at Brugen and Wildenrath. The only time I ever recall seeing an actual Pet Fitter was at Westmoors, and fundementally his role was a mystery, because I recall that we never really needed or used him.
  8. I quite agree, although a drunken whirlwind of good times with good people, it is a filthy, nasty job, may have changed but I think not.
  9. Be a design draughtsmen. Unlike civvy street our draughtsmen are more architectural technologists than simply CAD monkeys so this would really complement your construction management degree. Being a pet op may sound good but unless you have a desire to smell like a petrol station and want life long dermatitis I wouldn't go for it.
  10. Thanks plant_life and same to rest that gave advice.

    All the boxes were ticked today and it's RE with design draughtsman with phase 2B training fast tracked to save me sitting in classroom for 40 weeks plus means I can put name forward for other courses while waiting on field exercise & assessment dates so I would be daft to go Pet Op now.

    Just got to wait for start date, thanks again!
  11. The one thing that I will point out that is that as a design draughty you will have to have a good knoweldge of building technology and design principles ( a class 2 DD should be able to design a single storey building and a class 1 DD should be able to design up to 3 storeys within the limitations of building regs). Having done a construction management degree I know you don't cover full design so you might want to have a look at this before your class 2 course.

    I would also strongly recommend you register as a potential Clerk of Works as having a degree and being a draughty you will probably be strongly encouraged along this route, being registered means that if you do go down the Clk Wks route and pass the course you will get a nice good handshake.
  12. Seeing this thread also in the RLC section but not going past 1st post i thought i would put my tuppence in.
    Im a Pet Op and have been for 24 yrs. I dont smell of petrol but i do have small bits of dermatitis on my right hand!
    The RE do indeed have a Fuel Specialist but the specialism is a very loose term. Apparently we cant do anything without them and when they have indeed done their thing, we go and sort out the **** ups they leave behind. But i digress, your choice of sticking with the RE is a good one and i say that as the quals you have can be put to better use in the RE. Im glad you didnt fall for the Hazmat and truck licence crap, you can get that in the RE.
    As for me telling you to not go Pet Op....well its the fault of my predecessors in the rank and above im in now and their lack of ability to welcome change and dare i say it, work with Pet Fitters to make the trade im in not worth putting 22yrs of your life into. Ill be out next July and if i want to i can do the same Pet Op job in civvy street (read some foreign country) for double the money im on now tax free. But you can probably do a full career in the RE and get more of a chance getting a good job in the UK.
  13. I'll echo BH90210! To the effect that we don't actually need the RE for anything other than bund construction. If you have RE as a choice take it and exploit it. As a Corps they are pound for pound a class apart in terms of getting looked after for quals etc. Our lot couldn't give a flying fu*k and despite a lifetime as a QT in the RLC I will levae with the sum total of feck all from the experience.
  14. Like CH and BPS i have been a Pet Op for a long time i will be leaving in a couple of years with no quals, it was a good trade, but training and Ops are very limited now.

    Don't be surprised if you drive through the gates of one of the camps Pet Ops are on and find them manning it.

    The trade is still waiting for the role out of the next generation of Pet kit and no training equipment will be available till late next year.

    Go and join the Engineers, you be better off in the long run.

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  15. I forgot that the RLC knew how to do bulk fuel distribution design..... I also can't remember seeing many pet ops helping 516 STRE build a new TFI out in Bastion on Herrick 9.