RLC on P Coy, AACC, SF/SE etc

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Danny_Dravot, Apr 22, 2005.

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  1. Topical with relevance to the TC from 13 Regt who came off P Coy,
    F*ckin' Well done for trying, particularly when she was RLCHEESE.

    The RLCHEESE is the Corps that prides itself on giving as little support as possible to soldiers (and even less support to Offrs) who wish to break the drudgery by going for P Coy, AACC, SF etc.

    This is a Corps that is approx 20% of the army and its so grossly underrepresented in these areas its criminal.

    Before the G3 Mongs retort with the "lack of mil skills" rhetoric, remember these organisations are looking for aptitude and potential, not ready made product.

    The RLCHEESE lacks the culture that encourages YO and JNCOs to go forward because of blinkered parochialism, and the "who's going to cover on the veh park and, it might career foul you long run type" arguements.

    Ironically, this is the same Corps that has over 100 sportsmen/women in full time trg/6 months a yr for sports so minor the only media coverage they get is from the social retartds from BFBS/6th sense.

    Lets get a grip. Lets change the culture . The next time a YO/Cpl approaches you and says he wants to go and do xxx cse, instead of finding 10 reasons why not, lets get behind him, cut him away to train for a few months, set him some estimates and mentor these people. We all know somebody who knows somebody who's on the inside that can help. Lets make a few phone calls and help them on the way. We're all in the Fr Forces paragraph together!!!

    Ultimately, if he passes, come OJAR time you can always remind the CO/Bde Comd that he did really well and you gave him every encouragement/trg opportunity and how much you mentored him. You may even be able bluff your way to a B+.

    PS I had a similar deal with one of my toms who I identified as a PO - this was judgement based on living under the most demanding of conditions for 24/7 for 7 months on Ops and Trg in an austere environment. The 1 up and 2 up poo-pooed both me and the individual claiming that from what they had seen ( a 10 min interview) he was irredeemably unsuitable. Needless to say he joins the club in a few weeks!
  2. I served under an RCT DSF,who was VERY good.However I understand that there are not many guys from your Corps in SF right now.Compare that to the Sappers,who positively encourage people to go to Cdo,Para,SF etc.There are also Sappers in the Recce troops of 3 Cdo Bde and 16 AAB It's a shame,as there must be good people in your Corps.It all comes from the top,I'm afraid and requires senior officers to get behind the notion that your Corps actually needs it's best men to test themselves,and then return.Only then will the general standard of military skills/leadership improve.
  3. He was "our only hope" shame he's wrapped!
  4. What does the HEESE bit mean?
  5. Could HEESE mean ''The Big Cheeses'' of the RLC??
  6. Goon_Bde,
    It is quite clear from your name where you are based... You are clearly aware of 2LT Hands, who is attempting P Company. This was reported by the BBC Website on 18 April 05. Are you saying she has taken herself off the course or are you under the belief she passed after four days?


    Not sure where you have been my friend but 13 Air Asslt have been throwing people through P Coy for about 5 years now. Support was always available for those inclined to do P Coy (and for some who did not wish to attend but were encouraged to - I will cover this in a moment) when I was based around there!

    You need to get a grip on reality my friend! I suspect the 64% shortage of AT SNCOs (and a plethora of other trades/ranks which are at pinch point) is a little more pressing than the fact that we are short a few PARA trained personnel. Both the pinch point and PARA issue are a manning priority and are being addressed. What I am sure of though is your inability to recognise the fact that we probably have more of an "airborne" focus now than we did as forming Corps! The good (well positive anyway - they do annoy me a bit with their "look at us" attitude!) work that 13 Regt has done in selling PARA to the rest of the Corps and trying to make the best of a difficult set up (16 Bde; who despite cash, manpower and support, remain a petulant child unsure of what career options to take. "Shall I be Air Assault or a 5 Bde clone? Decisions, decisions!")


    What have they got to do with such an argument, in fact why do you quote such a pointless assertion anyway? A minute ago you pointed to the fact that the Corps does not support people on the courses and we are grossly under-represented, you inferred that this was the fault of the Corps or a certain regiment based in Colchester but now start to blather about "lack of mil skills"?


    I cannot be sure whether you are RLC or not... Whatever you are though, the use of RLCHEESE makes you sound like a knob and pisses me off, so please accept my invitation to grow up and pack it in, thank you!



    And? You point out that the Corps does not support SF activities (whatever you mean by that...) but now you suggest it stops supporting the activities of other groups? I bet it is comfy in your little box, but you may wish to leave it occasionally to get a little bit of perspective!


    Because of course, this will help us meet our remit to support operations and exercises! Box alert again...

    I have no doubt that if someone is willing to put in the effort, units will support that individual accordingly. I think that "cutting someone away for a few months" to train is a little unrealistic though. If you are dedicated and wish to be a PARA, you should be expected to do the odd bit of fizz in your own time.

    Pint of Bitter? :roll:

    Because you are RCB and "regiment" selection all rolled into one I suppose? You are so good at thinking outside of your own little world that you could easily spot what the army needs...

    If only the 1 up and 2 up had your managerial skills eh! Recently passed MPC or MPC(A) have you? Maybe done your EFP (I am aware they are otherwise labelled now - don't bore me with a challenge on this) and are sure you are a "natural" leader... A little point you may wish to consider:

    Why not get your facts straight and advise others of the options available to them, instead of posting such rubbish on the web. Thank you for such a poor attempt at reasoned argument. Clear un-biased coverage of several confused subjects. I am sure that this little rant has helped make some "toms" mind up about going PARA...
  7. Well, that's him told.
  8. F*ck knows. Hoi, can one of you Trogs answer this. What the f*ck does the HEESE bit mean?
  9. ........Oh its over, I can wake up now. Boring bastard!

    He sets the tone early by quoting AT under manning stats and continues by addressing each paragraph in isolation whilst failing to appreciate the overall essence of the point made. Namely this is that the continuing main effort of all sectors of the British Military is with the support to current defence policy. SF etc are at the forefront of any military deployment and other more clandestine operations that ensure the continued stability of this nation. Consequently we should seek to focus our best individuals on these goals and fully support them. How often has a brief for a "leading brand of bathroom scourer" been poorly attended because other menial work was deemed too important?

    In addition I think it is to be commended when anyone displays the ambition to differentiate themselves from the drudgery of mainstream Regt, well done Jenny Hands! (Shouldn't have mentioned the SAS ATO stuff to the journos though!)

    ..........Oh and incidentally people who use phrases like 1up Comds / 2 up Comds and OJARS don't do MPC (A) / EFP they run them!
  10. :roll:

    Thanks for the reminder of the OJAR/1 Up & 2Up meaning. It is of course not possible for an enlisted man to understand such terminology...

    Sect Comd and Pl Sgt don't have a 1 Up/2 Up do they!

    The post in question was best dealt with by addressing each paragraph in isolation as the author does not seem to understand structure.

    I understand the need for SF trained personnel; what you fail to understand is that to operate clandestinely or forward, your personnel need to be able to do the bread and butter stuff first. Having the right amount of correctly trained personnel across the trades needs to be the priority. Once you have that structure in place, the right people can be selected (or volunteer) for special duties.

    As for understanding defence policy; you do not need to have attended Sandhurst to do so...
  11. Nice one! :D
  12. Ref Hellfyyr's Rantathon.

    Although FP has beat me to it - allow me to retort.

    The post regarded the shortsighted nature of the wider army needs and endemic failure culture that exists in the RLCHEESE.

    It wasn't a sales patter for 13AASR nor an attempt to heighten their profile. They need neither. Incidentally, I have never served in 5/16X.

    The post kicked off with praise for the TC who HAD attempted P Coy but came off due to injury, (it would appear that you're on ZULU time) and the fact she gave 2 fingers to her critics and cracked on anyway.

    Regarding OPPs (AT/Chef/Pet Ops) I acknowledge that they should be a manning priority for APC MCM RLCHEESE Div, but what are they doing about it? I suspect the trades are undermanned due to the mind-numbingly dull existence you have once qualified, or the even duller cses required to qualify in the 1st instance.

    Please don't retort with the EOD/921 Sqn argument - we know they do an amazing job under huge pressure - however, the fat stackers tucked away in ammo bunker counting bullets quoting endless regulations suck.

    I don't see MCM mailing suitable individuals or coercing RCMOs to identify potential ATs etc, despite a healthy transfer bonus, those trades are still at critical manning. Say no more.

    The gist of my post is converse to your reply. The fact that we don't think outside of the box means we're not supporting the wider efforts of other organisations that have critical manning and retention issues and, more importantly, the right sort of individuals are not being supported by their units. FYI there are 6 main ops constantly recruiting, above para/cdo forces, that require highly motivated, bright soldiers.

    Do not stifle other peoples’ ambitions by the limitations of your own ability.

    For anybody that needs convincing of HELLFYYR's intellectual rigour, in another forum about para training I used the word "met" - obviously referring to weather, to wit, he corrected me and stated the correct word is mat = materiel, he then asks me what I know about ATs – ATs is an abbreviation used in other areas outside of Didcot, Deepcut and the School of Failure.

    If you’re an officer, you fit the RLCHEESE mould perfectly – see my post regarding the mediocrity of RLCHEESE offrs.

    RLCHEESE - Be Average
  13. Another well structured post Goon; well done!

    The reason people get the wrong idea about your posts is because you are not clear in what you say. I pray I never have to listen in to one of your briefings! " The frog is in the what?"...

    As for "Rantathons", that is more applicable to your post than mine. Please do not start "questioning" my intellectual integrity when you write in a style more condusive to crayons.

    I will not argue any of the points in your last post as it is far too much effort to even read it...
  14. Ah, the joys of the combined all arms forum. You are both valid in all of your points.
    Will that stop the bitch fight!!

    It should not be about what mess you eat in or which trg est you fell through, it should be about providing sound advice and guidence for your Soldiers. That is aimed at both of you, who obviousley hold middle management positions.

    Both side are valid but combined would provide the motivation and clinical advice that most soldiers need when chosing what to do and what path to take!!
  15. Middle management positions???!!!!???!?!?!?!?!?!

    I take it you work for tescos or asda.

    Begone foul smelling demon of business speak!!!!!!

    I believe you meant to say they are both leaders of men.

    You wouldn't be in a corp by anychance??