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Discussion in 'RLC' started by TAcont, Oct 21, 2007.

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  1. I was shocked and appauled when I went along to my local RLC TA unit to join and found the trucks to be more like something form WW2.

    Its a shame the americans dont open a branch in edinburgh with their fancy trucks and hummvees. Shootting out the windows of an armed car would be more amussing than dismouting to get lauaghed at killed driving such a bomb. If I want to get laughed at for driving a bomb I drive my fiesta down the road.
  2. Some how I thought this thread had something to do with the RLCs skank ho megoffugly full screws at Deepcut!
  3. It would be a bit more interesting :roll:
  4. I too am 'shocked and appauled'. You, clearly, have the 'drop' on the RLC my ol' china. You have demonstrated the ability to identify trucks 'form' WW2 and you will be pleased to hear that you have passed the 'in' test. You can now look forward to your Basic Training where you will be taught such interesting subjects as 'Shootting' and 'Driving Armed Cars'. Once you pass basic you'll move onto Phase 2 where you will get taught how to 'dismout' properly from a bomb so that no-one will lauagh at you getting killed in your fiesta down the road.

    I have to agree with you about those pesky americanos and their fancy trucks though.....................................

    YOU FCUKTARD!!!!!!!!
  5. Thought for a second the rest of the Army had cottoned on to the chefs novel way of boosting the Feeding account by recycling food.

    The old Breakfast, casserole quick wash and breakfast gag.

    That's why you are only allowed one, two could kill you!!
  6. I think that you will find that there are a lack of MTD's for ECH and most funding is used for MATT's etc. Most TA soldiers would not be thrilled to discover that tonight's training is "patch painting by numbers". Not an excuse though.
  7. Believe me - you do not need to drive your fiesta to get laughed at.
  8. Well I supose the spelling is pritty bad, being dyslexic i need to check all spelling before posting which I can not be arsed doing. Did not realise it was that important.

    With more interlectual types its not spelling people worry about its logic and rigor . It was not spelling I expected to get picked up on.
  9. Nope - not your spelling either
  10. Come on then, which TAC was it?

    If you think firing a gat from the window of an armed car (Your words.) is amussing (Your words once again.), then you are one sad mong.

    Oh and by the way, LERN TU SPEL PROPLY you never know, you might just get taken seriously.
  11. WTF is the gormless feck babbling on about?
  12. Why oh why did you have to choose RLC TA?

    If you want to get all ally with US equipment please do some online gaming.

    If you saw some poorly maintained equipment at a TAC then that is very sad but you merely need to read the headlines of any newspaper to understand why the cash might not exactly be headed there next.

    Perhaps you might try to work up a profile before you tell the world how things should be done eh...

  13. I think he's been drinking the AL3 rather than pouring it in the radiator
  14. and what the fcuk is that when its at home.

  15. I think he meant AL39 and it is hardly that bad an omission is it WRAPJOB?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.