RLC OFFICERs LIST 2006 [The Blue Book]

Discussion in 'RLC' started by PollyOliver, Apr 5, 2006.

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  1. The latest Blue Book is to be issued before Easter. It contains the lists of Officers, Conductors RLC, In-Pensioners at the Royal Hospital Chelsea. It also contains the names of retired Officer and Warrent Officers who are members of The RLC Association. It represents 12 weeks work correcting a very poor Army mainframe database record. Even DRLC was shown still in his last appointment! No doubt Pt 2 Orders have not reached Glasgow. The contennt is far from perfect. RHQ knows it but such is the demand from back-stabbers it is in print! If you name appears - please check the detail and if it is wrong as at 1 Jan 06 complete the amendment slip and send it in.

    Any comments to the Regt Sec.
  2. Wonderful!! Isn't it fascinating that this means (aarse) is used to communicate such information; may be this proves the impact of such a forum or, conversly, the state of the "back office"..........
  3. More fun here than the ArmyNet pages, which is where you'd think this type thing was; However these pages are used by more peeps :)
  4. Is the 'back stabbers guide' a new thing for the RLC? We in REME have had one for eons, and I have to say it is useful.
  5. Has the disclosure issue that forced the withdrawal of the Blue Book been resolved then or will it be removed from circulation the next time a whinging WO makes a complaint?
  6. If I'm not in the RLC loop (randon ATRA Officer post on my own) will I still get one...or am I out of site, out of mind?
  7. The Whinger lost his case, having caused a major disruption through PC. It was always the case that Parliament authorised the Army List which is a summary of every Officer in the Army (and those in receipt of Retired Pay) and it is the basis upon which they are paid. A misguided Civil Servant gave incorrect advice and the locally produced lists from Corps and Regfments were to be stopped - Not all took notice! The RLC did because it was administratively conveniant whilst the case for the reintroduction of the list was fought.

    It is on issue to all Officers at E2 - if you do not get one, email "regtsec@rhqtherlc.org.uk" in mid-May (to allow for distribution.

    It is planned to produce an NCOs list (WOs and SNCOs) by next year and eventually for everyone with 5 years service. This is major project aimed at providing better welfare services from The RLC to Soldiers, and keeping a record at Corps level of their valued service. This has not happened before in the same way, but with increasing interest from families on a range of issues associated with serving pals, lost detailes etc - a start is being made. Realistically it may take 2-3 years to get this right with the available staff. Much depends on information sourced from DII and how it can be protected from spying eyes.
  8. Can we "out" the idiot that had a problem with his entry?