RLC Officers Club Tie spotted in parliament

Discussion in 'RLC' started by CivvieStreetBound, Mar 2, 2011.

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  1. Does anyone know who is currently sat behind David Cameron in PMQs wearing an RLC Officers' Club tie?
  2. There's an RLC Officers Club in many shopping centres, I'd say that their ties were pretty commonplace?
  3. It's your mum
  4. It's not like you can confuse the colours of the world's most hideous tie. In answer to the Q though, no idea.
  5. Is it a sponsored "bad taste day"?
  6. Now if someone were to wear the comedy Officers' Club blazer in the Commons - that would cause a stir (or stirring of stomachs at least).
  7. Knock, knock, may I come in?

    In 88 when stationed at Aldershot I bought a blue, red and gold striped tie at Next in the High Street. I'm sorry but loud stripes were fashionable at the time. In 1994 I was on a Colloquial German course and wore the tie to the dismay of a fellow student - an RLC major. I'll admit to some smugness when I told him that it predated his corps by six years. He didn't talk much to me after that.

    Okay, okay, I've got my coat, I'm off.
  8. For the good of the Corps I hope that this item is underselling.

  9. I can tell the shop's designed for officers, not a stitch of the devils cloth in sight. Seriously hideous stuff.
  10. As far as I can see, that isn't the Corps shop, but some dodgy website where you can access all sorts of any regiments' stuff.

    The Corps shop is still stuck in about 1992 in web terms I should think.

    And I haven't got a clue who the tie wearing MP is - probably some walt Honorary Colonel - but I may be wrong. He may of course be a multi VC winning Stacker - unlikely though!

    I actually rather like the tie - it says "**** Off!" very loudly!
  11. It does rather strain the eye!

    Alternative liklihoods would seem to be an ex Regular Offier, TA Officer, or a very rare sort of Walt :)
  12. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    Having looked at the site, I do wonder if there are still pretentious goons who wear some of this stuff. Especially since the whole unit wasn't invented until 1994, by when the Empire was dead and buried, old school ties were pretty naff and, frankly, blazers had something of the 'bank manager' about them in public.

    Mind you, a dog lead, that is useful for RLC personnel...