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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Rothney, Oct 22, 2008.

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  1. I could tell you what they do but im too well known and i would incriminate myself too easily! But suffice to say, forget about asking what they do....but how you would go about doing it! If you do it well and take advice from others and Seniors, then you will enjoy being an Officer.
    Although i said i wouldnt tell you ill let you into the daily lives of the Officers in my Sqn.
    OC, works hard and listens to his/her Seniors. (well i wasnt going to say anything else was i, but its true)
    AO, works well, and is a nice bloke/bird.
    Ops Officer, trys hard, looks puzzled a lot of the time.
    Tp Comdr, looking for his/her desk chair at moment to replace the 6ft bench we put into his/her office prior to them being posted in. Also looking puzzled why his/her desk is smaller than his/her SNCO's!
  2. Its not down to being threatened, its down to the fact that most junior officers think they know better and the new system they have thought of is original.

    I've lost count of the junior officers I see go due to the fact that they never listen.
  3. Go where?
  4. Col Rothney,
    RE: Dealing with Seniors
    1st rule - 'don't bite'. You will only be made to look foolish.
    2nd rule - Listen to advice. You don't have to take it. If you do receive good advice be grateful, they will be more likely to offer it in the future, particularly if you are in a tight spot.
    3rd rule - Engage brain before mouth and don't refuse advice out of spite.

    Finally, just as there are shite Offrs there are shite seniors waiting for you to fall on your ass. Be the bigger man.
  5. I have never felt threatened from any officer, old or young! I dont loathe any officer, young or even old.
    Can you explain your last paragraph when you say an officer is an officer?
  6. You don't appear to have learnt that one should not use the word you're defining in the definition. Maybe ETS is not quite the way forward....
  7. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Rothney, what are you on?

    In one sentance you say you are yet to pass AOSB but in another say you are not joining as a commissioned officer.

    What is it to be?
  8. I think he wants to be a top class journalist in a crap paper - or is it the other way around!?
  9. Rothney,

    You haven't even done the AOSB, you certainly are not experienced enough to make a sound judgement on the relationship between YOs and SNCOs.

    In my experience, and it is not in the RLC but is in a CSS Corps, the reality of the situation is that YOs and SNCOs bring different skills and opinions to the situation, both groups recognise this and have a decent amount of respect for one another. A lot of the banter is just that and should not be taken too seriously - you may have some military experience, but you palpably have a lot to learn.


    I very much doubt that he can explain that - it is a meaningless statement.
  10. An RLC Officer. Well as you are aware the RLC has a multitude of differing trades within it. I am at a Tpt Regt and so can only really comment on that particular role so far.

    It seems to me though the main difference is that the RLC in general have a larger peace time role than most other Corps. Officers in every unit are involved in MS, Trg, Welfare to a degree, and Ops, but in the RLC aside from all this you have your alternate role. We frequently send out details in support of other unit's exercises, backloading equipment etc, so in an average week you may responsible for organising the required number of vehicles and crews, establishing the routes they are going to take, and trying to forsee any problems they might encounter. You don't do that alone, in fact you palm most of it off in parts to NCOs, but ultimately you are responsible for bringing in all together.

    In this sense there are practical advantages to working within the RLC. You genuinely get a wide understanding of Logistics management, and even if you are not servicing vehicles, or considering drivers hours you pick up quite a lot of information about the subjects.
  11. Gentlemen, I suspect that our journalistic chum has buggered off?
  12. Really a journalist? What kind of angle do you think he was looking for posting stupid questions all over the shop and mostly answering them himself (albeit, in the main, badly)?

    Which paper would he be writing for to catch the scoop that 'Sandhurst is managable' or that SNCOs and Officers engage in a bit of banter I wonder? Well whatever paper it is I'm not sure that Col Rothney will be attracting many additional readers.