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Discussion in 'RLC' started by MCG, Apr 9, 2011.

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  1. MCG


    Do RLC officers pick a single trade, or are they involved with multiple ones (either individually or as a mixed group)?

    Apologies if this is a really stupid question, but I started giving serious thought to Corps I'd like to apply to and I'd rather get the obvious questions answered online anonymously rather than sounding like a tit in the recruitment office.

    Any general advice about life as an RLC officer from existing RLC soldiers/officers would be appreciated too.
  2. MCG


    That last part is what I was talking about.

    So officers get in the way of all trades equally, rather than specialising in one. Good to know.
  3. Sound response MCG.

    You didn't know, you asked, and interpreted the response. ( Although a check on the Army recruiting site would have done the job)

    So learn. If you're ever on the receiving end of what you consider to be "bone" questions yourself, remember that there are no such things. They don't exist. There are only "bone" answers. And idle questioners.

    Old Rat
  4. Jacks of all trades, masters on non and as pointed out just get in the way and don't listen to advice from SME's, although there are some exceptions.

    This is where the RAOC had it right, officers would specialise more but the RLC thought it would just concentrate on trucks as other G4 never wins wars...
  5. Oh I think they almost certainly will.
  6. RLC officers do not have trades as such but may complete a long course as a junior Captain. The courses are; Ammunition Technical Officer, Offrs' Petroleum Course, Food Services Offrs' (now called something else to reflect the contracts content), a port (as in harbours, not the fortified wine) course and lastly the postie course. Some officers specialise as movement controllers although there isn't a long course. Officers have opportunities to complete parachute or commando training or apply for a flying tour with the Army Air Corps. At least one officer serving with 17 Port and Maritime Regt has done the RE Divers Course.

    It's a big Corps, inevitably there will be good and the officers (and soldiers). The Chief of Staff at Headquarters Land Forces is late RLC, so they clearly aren't all bad.
  7. Still can't believe that it's still classified as a long course. It was always seen as a soft option amongst the less able Officers. No wonder we used to attract such a shower of shite (with a couple of notable exceptions). I would like to think things have changed but......................