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Discussion in 'RLC' started by sprog, Mar 26, 2005.

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  1. I was looking through a friend's PDR and saw that under 'career paths' it was possible to do PCBC if i were to go to the Pioneers as a subaltern. I have since spoken to a <subaltern> friend in the Pioneers and he has said that it is not the case.

    Does anyone know if it is possible? Is it done in lieu of the Troopy's course? Does it affect promotion and postings later on in your career?

    Thanks in advance.


    Link to PDR page (UNCLASS):

  2. It is as well as Troopy Cse. If you can get on it.

    I would highly recommend it as it will make you a much better all rounded occifer.
  3. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Dibble is quite correct.

    I know of a non-pioneer officer doing the course, although he was between postings and managed to get on the PCBC.

    I cannot see why doing the PCBC would affect your future prospects other than to improve them.
  4. PCBC makes COs go wet as it gets you RMQ 4 & 5. My understanding is that its far easier to get on through 23 Regt, as thay have traditionally provided candidates.

    If I were you and if it were an option I'd do PCBC with the guys you know from the Hurst and TC's cse with strangers from the intake below (don't really need your OpOs around when doing some pointless Bde Sp Sqn TEWT in Frimley!)

    The question is surely why do you want to do it? You think it will make you a more rounded officer but the reality is that once you've cuffed JOTAC you only need to be that rounded at SO3 level. Those 4 months are 1/6th of your total time as a TC (assuming you don't get sprung for a Schlong cse or a depot job) and do not belittle the lessons that you could learn in this time or the Trade related courses you could do. If you want to do it for yourself, or for the sense of achievement then crack on (AACC comes with a badge though!) but don't do it to become a more rounded officer as 4 months away from Soldiers and away from your capbadge's core competancies only makes you "more rounded" on paper.
  5. Thankyou all for your replys.

    I have been looking to the RLC as a choice of cap badge and was really just investigating the options open to me if i were to take that career path.

    I will have a (defence orientated) logistics degree when i start RMAS in September and i thought that if i were to attend PCBC i might have more to offer a future regiment than by attending the TC.

    Once again thanks for your help.

  6. I'm sorry but I feel that you are being a little short sighted.
    What the PCBC does for the individual from an RLC background is give him plenty of exposure at grass roots level of the infantry. It gives him that little bit of extra capability to be able to griz it when times are tough and gives him the grass roots knowledge of knowing what the soldiers at the front line need when they are asking. It gives him more of a "Can do" attitude. Which is great for the soldiers around him as it rubs off and he gains more respect.

    Of all the Occifer's that I have worked with the best ones are those that have acheived that understanding. The ones that get focused on loggie stuff (ie; driving trucks) get all wrapped up in their own importance and forget what the Armed Forces is all about.

    I fully endorse this guy wanting to do PCBC. Lets face it any clown can pass JOTAC and the Capt's Cse and get to Maj. Why concentrate on learning the trade? You will have very good WO's & SNCO's to give you advice & guidance on that stuff. What they want is a good occifer not a good tradesman. The guys can manage 4 months without you - believe me.
  7. JB

    JB Clanker

    Join the Infantry. It is the Way, the Truth, and the Light.
    Command soldiers. Be irresistible to women. Do not have war stories that involve stacking pallets. Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that everyone else in the army is only there to get you into position.
  8. Well partly true I suppose JB, unless of course you're the ATO, when the infantry, helicopter crews, engineer search teams, armoured escorts & cordon troops are only there to get us into position. :lol:
  9. Spot on I'd say. However the system unfortunately may not allow you to go straight to PCD after finishing RMAS, once you accept your offer of a commission in the Loggies you will generally be automatically loaded onto the RLC Troopies Course which starts a couple a weeks after commisioning. If you are posted to 23 Pnr, whilst you are on the TCC you can contact your new Regt, speak with your new OC & Adjt and see if they will bid for a place for you on the next PCBC. :?

    It is certainly a useful course to have under your belt as a loggie, both for apprieciating what the infantry do and what support they require from the CSS units but also for subsequent Regimental Training of your future soldiers in Loggie units. Not many Troop Commanders within a General Support Regt (or whatever they become!) will be able to take their troop through a package of live-firing attacks or meaningful OBUA tactics. 8)

    Go for it! :lol: Good luck.
  10. Though the lure of the infantry is strong, i would like to be vaguely employable when joining Civ Div after x number of years!
  11. Wouldn't get too hung up on that aspect of things - the big vogue is for 'transferable skills' in the workplace. Anyway, it's not as if the Inf are brainless - it takes someone with something about them to command 4 Warriors in a fluid high intensity battlespace blah blah blah, and you could probably sell it better to a future employer than stories of supplying bulk spares to the teeth arms. Anyway, even in the inf you can still be an Adjt, do staff jobs, all of which are relevant to civvy employers, and you'll probably have more fun.
  12. So if 60% of all Ordinance in a war time scenario is Arty natures why not do the RA YOs cse? Far more relevant than doing Light Role Inf!

    UK Fibua Instructors cse, two weeks at the Land Uraban Warfare Centre :wink:
  13. Where on Earth did you get that from?
  14. If you join RLC they will make you put on 3 stone and walk with a limp.