RLC No.2 Dress - Advice Wanted

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Bushnut, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. My Sqn is due to take to the cenotaph again this November and will be forming the honour guard/watch party.

    I am trying to seek clarification on correct No.2 dress. In the past, various people have given different answers as to which belt should be worn (ie. green, white, etc).

    Can anyone shed some knowledgable light on this please...

    1. Which belt and buckle should be worn?
    2. Cap/Beret?
    3. Any other related info also appreciated.

  2. 1.if it is cerimonial white belt ask your RSM which belt to wear
    2.WO2 Cap S/SGT and below beret
    3. Best advice is ask the RSM he will not want you to look muppets and he wont bite(probably)
  3. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I take it you are not at a regular unit?

    Would have said whoever is organsing the parade calls the shots.
  4. ask the corp badge if he cant answer the question try the mounting order/instruction. You could also try the GSM for London district.

  5. If your on the Cenotaph, your more than likley to be in greatcoats. These are held in a pool. Beware some of them are in rather a bad state of repair and will need a little TLC before the event.

    When we mounted the Cenotaph, berets were worn in this order of dress with the appropriate SNCOs and Officers in blue peak caps.
  6. On a number 2 dress related note, if anyone wants to buy a set tailored and good to go, contact Rodney Hill :


    He's looking to clear some stock due to downsizing premises and will do it on the cheap or as a job lot.
  7. Yes, don't forget to dry yours out after the CQMS gets it out of the pool for you.

    I forgot to once, and got terrible drips on my ammo boots, not to mention a terrible cold afterwards.

    Facks sake, don't CSM/SSMs grip people anymore and tell them what the scoop is?
  8. I have been planning to get to see the RSM, as I know as God, he dictates what we wear. Just haven't had the chance yet and thought i'd try my luck on arrse. Thanks for the info.

    As a side issue, a lot of our wagons are now kept in a pool. I said they'd rust, but did they listen? Did they bugger!