RLC No. 1 Dress Regs.

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Ricker, Jan 23, 2011.

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  1. Evening i'm after some advice please.

    I'm due to tie the knot this year and i am planning on wearing No. 1 Dress.
    I am a Pte rank.
    I have seen various pictures of other folk doing this but they all seem to dressed differently.

    Would a wedding be described as "Ceremonial" if so should i carry a peak cap?
    I believe i could wear an aguilette, white belt/ gloves?

    Would someone please be able to clear up the Regulations for me?

  2. It's your wedding mate, fill your boots. I stuck to dress regs when I got married and the uniform looked plain in the photos.

    You need SAS wings, divers badge, movers armband, big, thick gold curtain tie back, sword and ebay sourced bling!

    Seriously though, enjoy your special day.

  3. Ring the Corps Adjt - she'll put you right.

    Enjoy the day - if you can remember it!
  4. I wouldn't sugest ringing the Corps Adj as I'm sure she wouldn't appreciate it!

    Just speak to your Admin Sgt/SSM for advice, the dress policy is laid out within Corps Dress Regs, however, I'm of the opinion it is your day and as long as you and your bride get out of it what you want it dosn't matter if you break a few Regs.

    If you took the p*ss too much I'm sure your mates would "oust" you as a Walt!
  5. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    There are plenty of threads on this subject.

    Specifically as you asked: Yes to white belt and gloves. No to aguilettes. They are for ADCs, diplomats, some household cav types and some bandsmen. Some bandsmen also wear similar braids so unless you want to look like a bandsman avoid them.

    I've no idea about your Corps policy on headdress but most would wear a peaked cap in No 1 dress.

    You will also have people tell you that its traditional for anyone getting married to wear a rank up. This is a military urban myth and is bollox. Some CO's may grant you a temporary acting unpaid stripe for the day if you don't mind being told to Foxtrot Oscar then by all means ask.

    Other than that if you want to get married in uniform wear the uniform appropriate to your rank. Make sure the uniform fits well and is polished to buggerry where appropriate. If you bling yourself up with anything else you will look back at you photos in a few years time and realise what an arrse you look and you'll be embarrassed if you have to explain to anyone else why you were dressed like a Ruritanian Admiral.

    Edited to add: Others may disagree but footwear is perhaps one area where you might want to bend the rules a bit. Ammo boots or Assault boots look a bit odd at a wedding and are not very convenient for dancing afterwards. The issue parade shoes look naff. George boots are the way forward. They can be quite expensive but you may be able to borrow some. Just make sure that whatever you wear they are bulled above and beyond.
  6. Thanks for the help folks!