RLC Movers are great are they not?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by hellfyyr, Feb 8, 2005.

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  1. Everyone loves a Movement Controller?
  2. ...or The Fat Controller? :lol:

    Care to elaborate, Mr H? :?
  3. Methinks there is a interesting tale to be told! 8)
  4. Top Quality blokes get comp cases there quicker than the rest with little or no fuss. Big round of applause to the movers
  5. Why, thank you! We are always here to help (despite popular opinion).
  6. How much did Smooth_Mover pay you for that one?

    When I had to get an individual home the Movers said there was no space for 2 weeks. So I bypassed them and got him on a flight 2 days later via the RAF.
  7. GasmaskWilf Wrote:

    Please blow your own trumpet a while why dont you ?

    I have had to get half a dozen blokes home in my time and all have been very successful so I can only speek from experience.
  8. 8)

    We are the greatest though, especially us at quatre étoiles.....

    you call - we (arrange) haul (age)

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
  9. Are movers that bunch of people that help the VS guys at the port and railway sidings? :wink:
  10. That us,

    Assisting those poor old drink sodden aged junior NCO's with their vehicle identification skills.
  11. Nice to see some appreciation ............. :oops:
  12. :D

    wow loads of Mov-con registered here it would appear! Plus a few fans, I will try to reduce the amount of deodorant etc I confiscate to further build up our fan base. On second thoughts, it is flammable my friend, you will need to send it by sea...
  13. Assuming that you are the guys (in association with those girly clerks) that book people onto flights. Why then does the Army not follow the relevant JSP when it comes to booking people on to long haul civillian flights? By that I mean booking individuals into First or Buisness class and of course not forgeting those families travelling with ankle biters aswell.

    Anyone due to travel long distance on a civvy air ticket have a browse through the JSPs else you'll get fobbed off with the Army Manual.
  14. 8) Wilf, it appears that you have the ability to read, although not necessarily the ability to understand...

    The JSP does state that flight in excess of 2.5 hours or for VIPs may be booked as business class, it does not say this MUST happen; in fact it gives the budget manager the final say...

    I am also pretty sure that this relates to duty travel only. The fact that you mention children suggests leave travel? If you refer to posting, this is duty, but there are few theatres that would require business class in reality.

    The whole process is being looked at anyway I believe, commercial air travel is a complex beast, the rules are a little out of date.

    Plus we dont get any benefit in fobbing you off for something, if there is an entitlement and it is budget realistic, we will make sure you get what you are entitled to. Often we go out on a limb to help you!
  15. No I think I do understand.

    Having served on a RAF Station and benefitted from the way that they look after their, and attached, personnel is truly an eye opener.

    The same thing goes for claims, they always made sure you got all your entitlements. If you forgot to claim for something they would add it anyway.

    I don't think we should perhaps go totally down the RAF route on all matters but we do need to look after people better.

    If there is an entitlement ("may"s included) then it should not be up to a budget manager as to whether or not the individual receives what is available.