RLC might know...HAZMAT in civ div????

Discussion in 'RLC' started by kingster, Oct 2, 2009.

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  1. Ok, you guys (and gals) might know the answer to this. I've just finished my time with the army. Does anyone know anything about HAZMAT being recognised on civvy street?

    I've got me C, C+E and looking for driving work As you know tankers and such earn good money and there are opportunities out there. However, they require 'ADR'. Now is ADR different to HAZMAT or is it seen as the same thing i.e. I can reply to jobs where you need ADR.

    Ive tried ringing DVLA, but get some welsh bloke telling me the call volume is high, tried google...comes back as porn.

    So thought I would try good old RLC...btw I was a siggy!

    Any info would be good. :)
  2. I believe it's the same thing mate!
  3. If you have a pink ticket that looks like a driving licencebut showing the various hazard classes on it, then chances are you have what you need. But remember they last only 5 years (I think) before you have to re-take. (Piece of pi$$ to pass).
  4. thats the the thing. Never got a pink ticket. I took the course at DST Leconfield in May 2006, was a joke, turned up and monged it, but still passed, not hard to. Although there was some AAC guy who kept failing.

    Anyway, it says Ive passed on my record of achievement, but no pink pass was ever given to me. I always thought it was the same thing ADR, HAZMAT, and I know they last for 5 years, or you have to renew it by sending away to DVLA 6 months before it runs out or you will lose it.

    Just that in my area there are a few tanker jobs starting at £23k year, all you require is work ethic and ADR.
  5. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    You should have gotten a ticket...think mine was Green and Pink thing with a list of categories you were cleared to carry. You needed to retake the exams every 5 years to keep current.

    Not all ADR/HAZMAT quals are the same...I had Gases, solids and liquids but only in containers...which limited me to 3.5 tonne 'containers' I think...tankers required a slightly different test.

  6. ADR is the civilian name for the license.

    Check with your units master driver that the licence you hold is in fact the ADR.

    Not to put a damper on it, but here in civvy street the tanker driver jobs are pretty much known as " dead mans shoes ".They are very much desired as a career and the openings are that rare that it normally involves a driver retiring or dying for a position to open.Might be worth checking exactly what the details of the job are....you might be driving tankers full of flour or concrete powder...they pay less than fuel tankers.

    If I was you,I would start showing an incredible interest in learning to transport all sorts of dangerous goods.....for the benefit of the army of course.If you qualify in another new category you should be able to renew all your old categories with a re-sit so that your licence run-out dates all coincide. ...( makes sense and keeps the paperwork easier for everyone )and everything is valid for another 5 years.
  7. Try looking under HAZCHEM instead of HAZMAT
  8. Yea its a green ticket, with the classes of materials you are qualified to carry, just ensure you have intanks on your ADR licence if you're applying for bulk tanker jobs, but if youve been driving tankers while you were in no doubt youll have that qual
  9. Got a call from a civvie company that does the ADR. Says that I would need to take my ADR, due to chages in the law, etc. I've checked it out online now...very long winded, but in a nutshell, just another way of the government making more money is the easiest explanation.

    There was a tanker job for Total Fuels, only locally, well, about 70 mile radius from my town...23k year. Plus bonus. I have phoned recruitment companies and they all offer me work, but yeh, ADR seems to be quite rare but there is a recruitment company near me that take on all the ADR. They called me today and said they have 4 vacancies within 20 miles of me...but I aint got my ADR!

    Anyway, think I will try for HGV and hopefully in the near future book my ADR course...seem pretty keen to take ex-military. I'm on my termination leave now, so need something soon!

    Oh, my unit has lost my driver record folder after the audit...cheers.
  10. Kingster,

    Check your PM's.

    OK, Don't bother yourself!! :x PM deleted.
  11. Your training record will be on JPA. Have a look at your competencies.
  12. The worrying thing here is a soldier who doesnt know what qualifications he has.
    HAZMAT/ADR or whatever, you attend a course, day one course intro of "this is why you are here..", sit the course, do tests, pass and then get told "you have now qualified as a ....." They also should of told you that you "must carry your licence at all times..." So when you got back to your Unit and hadnt recieved it you should of reported it and not waited until YOU needed it and not the Army that paid for you to get it.
    Its been ADR for a fair few years, so if you have done it within at least 5 then you have an ADR licence. As to which Classes you have it in will be on your lost licence!
  13. Well put. Which is why the said soldier is now scrambling to make sense of his career. The words 'monged it'' sum up the career interest.
  14. Post your question on trucknet uk, there are a lot of knowledgable civvy instructors of will be able to answer you query. ;)
  15. ADR Cert gets posted to the same address as your driving licence. So if you don't have ADR Cert then I am afraid you failed all or some of the modules, or your driving licence is registered to the wrong address. Change your driving licence address and they'll send you a new ADR Cert.

    Alternatively you should contact SQA who are the examining body and they would be able to tell you which modules that you have passed or not.