RLC Mess Kit and Service Dress

RLC Offiers Mess Kit, complete with boots £375 ono.  Service Dress with hats £300.  Tailored for 5'11'' average man.  EMail me for more info
I wouldn't bother La La mate, it's more accustomed to being worn whilst servicing a DROPS vehicle.  A boiler suit for £350?  Even with the safety boots, that's bit pricey.  5'11"?.........shouldn't that be 4'11"?   Trogs.........always exaggerating!!   He'll be telling you that it's his next! ;D
My god, an confession to being a trog, why would anyone do that.

would sooner admit to having a watersport fetish ;D
It's RLC Donut, so it's probably got plenty of pish stains on it (to accompany the skid marks on the inside arrse seam).

I wonder if he'd be interested in swapping in for a Vauhall Viva seeing as that RGBW blagger can't see a bargain when it smacks him in the face.

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