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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Bushnut, Dec 17, 2007.

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  1. I have recently purchased (second hand) RLC Mess Dress, but it is missing the 'neck chain' from the jacket. I have tried searching online in all the usual places but unable to find one. I've seen a number of people using what looks like an old bracelet belonging to their Gran, but you can spot when somebody has done a DIY job!

    Anybody able to point me in the right direction?
  2. Ah...the chain....

    little know fact, but the chain should only be 5 links in length, to represent the 5 forming corps...

    As you rightly identify there are lots of people blinging it up.

    They are incorrectly dressed and have most probably had a dodgy tailor...if your mess kit is from NTT he should have squarred you away!

    So this is an appeal to Adjts and RSMs of those people (and they know who they are) get a grip and start collecting the champagne and port!!!

    (actually 6 links as you don't include the last link that joins chain to collar!!!)

    (edited for spaz spelling)
  3. I think the tailored links are for fat necked people!!! Learn to live with it, tight or not! If they think that is bad they obviously (swinging the lantern!) didnt do Basic Trg with a KF shirt!! :evil:
  4. Talking of Mess dress. I take it I didnt win anything at the chrimbo draw??
  5. lol, i didnt go mate but i won a solar airship!!

    Dont ask but it was the mystery prize!

    As for you, im not sure but our famous continuance soldier won the HD DVD player!!!!!!! :evil:
  6. The RLC Mess kit is without the shadow of a doubt the single most shabby uncomfortable, irritating, badly designed monstrosity known to the army. Should be burned on the square at Deepcut and forgotten as a bad idea. Yes fat necked people really suffer with it (I used to). I ended up looking like Mr T by the time my 11.29 BFT carcass had been squeezed into it with the length of towchain I had to use! Also particlarly hated nearly passing out putting on George boots. No this mess kit was developed in the depths of Mordor! The Devil upon the sadist who thought it up. Definately designed for Ron Hill wearing, my teas a salad, out running after dark, interesting people!
  7. Aside from the complete horlicks that is the 5 link pump written above. The mess dress has no regulation as it is a 'purchased uniform' as a result there is no ned to wear medals, or if you are the uber walt you can wear any medals you like as there exists no regulation on it use.

    Army Dress Regs take presidence over any corp mumbo jumbo. No mention in Corp Dress regs and as a personel friend of the Army dress top man no reference there either.

    But on the hole a great rumour to start, youll be telling me the port shouldnt leave the table next!

  8. Let us know how many crates of Port/Plonk you owe by testing that little theory out. ;)
  9. None, Ever,

  10. Ruined my day more than the Spanish!!!!! (and they've been trying pretty f*cking hard!)
  11. Thanks to those that have given advice. For those about to take this completely off topic for no particular reason - adios!
  12. I am Corps and have seen many a different Mess, in my opinion it depends on the RSM, the Port not leaving the table is a Royal Navy tradition I believe.
  13. I was refering to his enlightened ideas on how he wishes to wear his Mess Dress due to the fact the 'hes bought it so he can wear it how he likes'.

    I'm sure the PMC/RSM/Adjt wouldn't mind. If thats the case, I'm going to get mine made out of Labrador fur emblazoned with badges purchased from the former Soviet bloc. :wink:
  14. and I am going to do wear all that...............and a Leopard print thong :twisted: