RLC merge of Supply controllers & Specialists to Suppliers

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by stormer2k9, Jun 23, 2009.

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  1. Hi, can anybody out there tell me where it was written down when the 2 trades merged and the supply controllers lost the high band pay. I was promoted in Aug 06 from Lcpl to Cpl and lost the high band. Since then I have been told by several people that I should have stayed on high band. After 2 years I should have gone onto a pay ban until I was promoted to Sgt. JPA agree but cant action it without the black and white on paper.
    Has anyone had the same or similar problem, and if so can you help?
    It has taken nearly 3 years to get to this point and it seems like I am hitting my head against a brick wall. I just want a difinitve answer to resolve the matter. Dont even mind if I dont get get any money, just want the correct answer.
  2. Speak to your RCMO.

    With the large number of personnel in your trade I suspect that someone would have dealt with this by now if it was incorrect.

    You should be thankful of the years when you were on the higher band for a trade that really should not have been.
  3. Thanks for the reply, The RCMO has already been contacted, as have the tiger team. I am just fed up with getting the famous "we are lookin ginto it". nearly 3 years down the line and no answer.

    As for being grateful for the high band....I take it you obviously never got it. Sorry to you, but I chose my trade carefully and therefore why should I be grateful?????............I work for the money I earn!
  4. What higher pay band are we talking? I was a Sup Con and we were only on pay scale B. Or am I talking bollox and it's all changed since I left?
  5. I'm high band. My avatar is a clue.

    I have no doubt that you work hard for your money. My point is that sup con should never have been on the high band in the first place.
  6. And my point is that I came on here for advice, not an arguement about who should get high band.

    The MOD decided to pay high band and in YOUR opinion its wrong.....great and thanks for your thoughts. I suspect that are many other people who think the same about other jobs including yours, so lets not get go into that eh.

    Again, thanks for your thoughts, but I am only after genuine facts and advice concerning my original post please.
  7. And you received that advice. If the RCMO can't/won't help then contact your desk Officer yourself alternatively write a letter to DRLC as he has stated you can do.

    And they have addressed the issue by changing it to low pay band. So my (and many, many others) opinion was correct, it just took a little while for the powers that be to catch up.

    No. No one thinks Ammo Techs should be in the lower pay band. They would not be able to put forward a poignant arguement.

    As have been given. But then as you state if you are not bothered about the cash, why are you so passionate about chasing it.

    So if you do get the cash, are you going to give it to H4H, seeing as you're not bothered about it.

    See there you go, no arguing, just pointing out a few things.
  8. OMG! I so wish I was in your trade....they obviously are the elite!

    You have the opinion of the entire armed forces and are obviously never wrong, you must be to be able to give such so called advice. Do me a favour and dont waste you precious time responding to my threads. I feel that you are purely bitter and just want put everybody down.
    Oh and just to enlighten you I DO regularly donate to HFH.

    Your advice was to be honest useless as anybody with half a brain cell would have already covered those routes as I have done prior to asking for SENSIBLE advice on here.....I wont bother in the future if this is the caliber of response.

    No doubt you wont be able to help yourself and reply to this so FILL your BOOTS!!!!!!
  9. Oh great! Another AT trade vs. the rest. :roll:
  10. You seem to be getting a little arsey because I believe, in my opinion (and NOT necessarily the whole of the Armed Forces) that Sup Cons should never have been on the higher band.

    If that is so wrong why does one of your fellow tradesmen post the same?

    I've given you advice and you have been more than a little rude by throwing it in my face. Unfortunately the advice I have given requires you to do a little work, it appears that you wish someone to do all the legwork for you.

    Next time you ask for advice, please be specific in what you have already done so that we can mould our responses appropriately.

    As you have already written to the DRLC I would be intrigued with his reply.

    Also if you feel you have been wronged in this matter of pay then write a letter of redress, although I believe it is Service Complaints now. There is a relevent JSP.
  11. There's not enough of you lot :D
  12. Trog WO's were on a higher pay band than Rag & Shag WO's doing the same job (SSM). The Army/MOD created a great deal of disharmony when they 'cut & shut' various Regts/Corps in the 90's.
  13. I can assure you I was not being rude, just getting more than a little feed up with your conceited attitude towards other trades which feel dont deserve what you get. At the end of the day we SHOULD all be working towards the same goal, regardless of cap badge or trade. So as I have said before I only posted the thread to get advice and not opinions, but alas that seems too much to ask.

    I have done all of the legwork (just to correct youre assumption), even down to tracing my payscales back and finding all the relevant papers concerning the merge. The only one I cant find is the one that stated MTRP.

    I do however take your final point on board and will redress it as I was not aware it was possible.
  14. It is a shame that you feel it is a conceited attitude. Once you understand the reasons for certain CEGs being on the higher pay band then you will understand why I made the comment about Sup Cons being lucky to have been on the higher pay band in the first place.

    Don't come on ARRSE and expect not to get an opinion. In fact if you don't want an opinion then leave the Army. They will always be forthcoming whether you want them or not.

    What is this same goal you speak of, or have you just fished this quote out of your lucky dip bag of quotes?
  15. Why post the same question, in three threads?

    You have been given the answer but you don't want to hear it or accept it. Dry your eyes and get on with it.

    RLC = Restricted Learning Capabilites