RLC Members Honours - Congratulations

Discussion in 'RLC' started by BaggyInBlack, Mar 6, 2009.

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  1. Congrats and well done to the newest members of the Corps with honours and RiP WO2 Gary O'Donnell.

    Bar to George Medal

    Warrant Officer Class 2 Gary James O'DONNELL GM, The Royal Logistic Corps, (killed in action)

    George Medal (GM)

    Staff Sergeant Stuart Walter DICKSON, The Royal Logistic Corps

    Member of The Order of The British Empire (MBE)

    Staff Sergeant Robert Edmund BARR, The Royal Logistic Corps
    Major Malcolm BIGGS, The Royal Logistic Corps

    Queen's Gallantry Medal (QGM)

    Captain Liam Charles FITZGERALD-FINCH, The Royal Logistic Corps

    Mention in Despatches (MiD)

    Captain Joseph William BROWN, The Royal Logistic Corps
    Sergeant Christian John MEADOWS, The Royal Logistic Corps
    Staff Sergeant Andrew Reid MEEK, The Royal Logistic Corps

    Queen's Commendation for Bravery (QCB)

    Corporal Anthony Peter MEACHAM, The Royal Logistic Corps

    Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service (QCVS)

    Major Iain Robert BAYLISS, The Royal Logistic Corps
    Major Lee James Naismith DALEY, The Royal Logistic Corps
    Major Philip Andrew HERBERT, The Royal Logistic Corps
    Major Tamsin Fiona Chisholm LAWS, The Royal Logistic Corps
    Private Shane TINGAY, The Royal Logistic Corps
  2. 2 GM's. a QGM & a QCB. Top job. :worship:

    For loading lorries and dishing out blankets? I think not.

    Well deserved the Corps
  3. ;
    Well said Fat Cav, and well done the Corps, Rest In Peace WO2 Gary O'Donnell - over 50 bombs made safe, hundreds of lives saved.
  4. Well done all (and every one else on the list)

    Nice one Stu Dickson (Can't believe your middle names Walter!).

    Still nothing for the cock with the glock. Stop asking and you might receive.
  5. I totally agree and had thought so long before that article.

    I think the GM is beneath what he did out there (I know that makes me sound like a git). He had already earn't the GM for previous work in Iraq.

    In Afghanistan he was dealing with considerable more devices yet with less equipment. The device that killed Gaz was about the 7th or 8th one he had dealt with in that day. (some operators that served in NI didn't deal with that in 6 months).

    We within the trade are now at a point were we fell that with the number of devices having to be dealt with it is only a matter of time before you get caught out.

    He placed himself at greater danger, for longer and paid the ultimate price.

    The VC is only awarded for courage in the face of the enemy. Unfortunately IEDs are not seen as in the face of the enemy even if they are designed to specifically catch out the operator.
  6. If a wedge may offer opinion ... maybe not a VC but thoroughly deserving of a GC methinks.

    But well done to the large corps ... doing your bit as always with courage.
  7. I am pretty certain that in this case, there will be no retrospective review. But, if it opens some minds in MoD it may produce a deserved option for the future. We have some very brave soldiers and I think it only correct that their bravery is recognised in the appropriate manner.
  8. Major Biggs use to be the terror of the Tech shed as a Warrant Officer.

    Well done Sir
  9. Well done all
  10. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Well done chaps.
  11. Greatly deserved by all, especially Gaz. RIP
  12. Though an excellent operator, he must be up there with "Poxey" (it rhymes) as the biggest chopper in the regt...

    Congratulations to all, plenty more to come too judging from some of the incident reports coming out of Herrick lately