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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Outstanding, Aug 24, 2006.

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  1. Too many gaps in units at Lcpl level - not good. when this works up through the ranks we are going to be stuffed!
  2. You mean in the way many units already are :? E.g. 11 EOD Regt RLC :wink:
  3. Surely promotion works down the ranks! Quota promoted to fill the losses from above. This is why gaps appear at the bottom.

    There would be no gaps if enough reached the quality line that's not necessarrily the blokes fault can also be poor CR writing.
  4. FB,
    No I am talking about the Corps, about 80 Lcpls short
  5. Thats exactly what doesn't get blokes promoted! :roll:
  6. Never been a better time to be a mediocre Pte soldier then.

    Where have they all gone anyway? My sqn's got a couple too many. Keep tripping over the blighters.
  7. One of the main problems with JNCOs CRs is that people make up their own rules - like the myth that "You cannot recommend a JNCO for promtion in his first report in rank"

    This is tosh! If the guy is good enough of course you can, in fact if you don't - you are stopping him being promoted for 3 years, as he has to have 2 positive recommendations to get promoted and he just lost one!
  8. It’s a brilliant time to mediocre across the rank structure; shame that so many people have capitalised on this!
  9. Very true Ford.

    Unfortunatley, we also seem to miss some very competent ones out, who get overlooked year after year. I've seen how MCM Div work, and the system looks ok. But CR writing is a little understood skill.

    Considering that it is one of the few things ALL officers will need to do, a little more emphasis on it a Sandhurst and Deepcut would have been nice. A disinterested instructor spending half an hour telling you how to not get caught out cutting and pasting wasn't really sufficient in my mind.
  11. Agreed, but Private CR writing is a piece of p!ss, the board skim reads them at such a rate of knots that for promotion purposes (not for the guys validation) you could do one or two bullet points. Key phrases are the…..erm….key. Best Pte in the Sqn! Promote now! etc etc.

    The biggest obstacle to Pte soldier promotion are the Toms themselves. Ask any 1st RO and they will tell you, the bad and the good are very easy to write, the ones in the middle are tough. In most Regiments there is enough going on for them to involve themselves with that it is pretty easy to get noticed. I mean- put in a bit of effort, run a bit faster, be a bit smarter- its not the Apprentice.

    Yes I’d agree most subbies are initially cack at writing CRs but that’s why there is a chain of command to supervise and to rein them in. Of course if the 2IC has only done five minutes, is a mong or worse - went to a comprehensive school then the soldier is pretty screwed. :lol:
  12. That is not true there is no requirement for two recommendations for promotion, just as anyone can be recommended after only a year in rank - however often one year is not sufficient especially if a soldier only takes up the vacancy towards the end of the promotion year and has not yet had sufficient time to adjust to new rank - those who pick up earlier in the promotion year are more likely to be recommended at the first opportunity.

    Do not forget that the Part 2 is the most significant part of the report. All soldiers must be encouraged to get a Regtl profile so the CO knows him and writes on him favourably.
  13. Not in my experience, but we may be splitting hairs, I agree your point on promtion year timing for a report, but until we write all reports in the same month(!!!)) that will continue. Equally I accept that Part2 is more significant, but if there is no recommendation at Part 1 and the CO does not red pen that - the indiv will not get filtered onto the board anyway. It is increasingly difficult for soldiers on large Super Garrisons like PRB to "get noticed" other than for the wrong reasons. Ergo it cmes back to Platoon and Troop commanders to realise what their responsibilities to the soldfiers and promotion is. The point about CR writing at RMAS is significant, but this needs re-inforcing at Unit level. I am suprised it is not a MATT requirement for YOs!!??
  14. Outstanding,

    Agree with above however why restrict it to YO's, this slip of yellow paper is vital to a soldiers career. Instruction should be to all on how to read CR's, realise this will require high degree of moral courage on the part of the writer, if only I had known the code as a young lad!!

    Additionally a lot of seniors get involved in the drafting of pen pictures.
  15. Perhaps the MATT should require annual attendance, that alters as you progress through the ranks. Actually there is no reason why it should not be a requirement for all ranks to attend, with different angles for each group. At least soldiers would then become more aware of the importance of the written word.