"RLC Major in Tooled Up Shocker" and other gaffes.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Capt Cheeky, Feb 19, 2004.

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  1. Dunno if anyone has already posted about this chesnut but here goes anyway:

    Major arrested at station was 'armed to the teeth'
    A TOP level inquiry has been launched after a senior army officer returning from overseas peace-keeping duties was arrested at Reading Station carrying a rifle, pistol and ammunition.

    The Royal Logistics Corps major - who had been promoted to acting lieutenant colonel - had flown in hours earlier from Afghanistan.

    It is not yet clear why he was armed to the teeth and had not handed in his weapons to the military authorities after completing his six-month tour of duty in Kabul.

    But after landing at RAF Lyneham in Wiltshire he caught a train from Swindon, still wearing full battle dress, and it was only when he arrived at Reading that he was noticed by the station's duty manager.

    The major, who has not been named, was waiting outside for a taxi with the rifle slung over his shoulder when he was arrested by British Transport Police officers.

    He was carrying a standard British Army-issue SA80 automatic rifle, a pistol and six full magazines of bullets.

    BTP officer PC Matt Davis said: "When he was handcuffed he had a pistol, but none of the guns were loaded or ready to fire."

    The Royal Logistics Corps is responsible for keeping the British Army equipped for combat and on the move by taking care of its food, transport, equipment and clothing.

    The major was detained at Reading police station until redcaps from the Royal Military Police arrived and placed him under close arrest before escorting him back to his base at Aldershot.

    He could now face a court martial if investigators decided he was in unlawful possession of firearms.

    Army southern region spokeswoman Susi Coulthard said: "Soldiers are not supposed to appear in public with firearms unless they are taking part in an operation or have special dispensation.

    "The problem is that he was in a public place without special permission. He would have had to sign the weapons back in when he returned from duty.

    "If he is found to have broken the law he will be charged and will face a court martial."

    Courtesy of Alastair Foster, Reading Chronicle
  2. I posted it a while ago, but it's still funny!

    .... not forgetting importing African child prostitutes and making arrses of themselves on the internet .... :D
  3. Silly man.......
  4. There should be a compendium written about the ten greatest RLC gaffes in recent history. A tad worrying how a bunch of yorkie drivers, cabbage mechanics and blanket stackers can cause so much mindless mayhem.

    Any suggestions and in what order of precidence should the aforementioned be listed?
  5. what the f............ 8O
  6. It was only 20 odd years ago the School CCF would cycle the 3 miles to Barton Road Range with 303s bungied to the handle bars of our bikes.

    You cannot even fart these days without a SWAT team being sent around.

    We now live in a disney society where guns=evil. Feckin Stalin's Russia.

    That is not to say that he is not an arrse however.
  7. You would think that the nugget or at least his unit would have made arrangements for the separate securing / transfer of his weapons. Also even new recruits get it hammered into them that travelling in uniform / with military baggage is heavily discouraged....

    Major / Acting half Colonel not knowing / taking heed of these simple procedures is somewhat hard to believe.
  8. ah but monsiour cheeky remember the chap was only RLC :D
  9. if he'd been A'Stan he probably didn't have civvies with him and if he had been op plundered he shouldn't have had ammo thats a breech of the air navigation act.
  10. Fair enough that he's a dildo for not handing the stuff in, or arranging for it to be secured in the guardroom, but arrested? If WE can't be trusted with firearms in public, what's the Feckin' point?
    MORE guns in public, I say and if the b*****s argue, kill 'em all!
  11. That toled up he should have plugged the Old Bill 5.56 mm stylee and legged it.

    But as he's a loggie....
  12. have you not realised we aren't trusted with weapons

    you can't go to the guard room draw the keys for the armoury and sign out weapons there is designated people who are allowed to do that same with ammo. The rules and regs are clear about this.

    But what would have happened if he'd been mugged and the rifle+ammo and pistol+ammo had ended up in the hands of some a*£e hole the results could have been disasterous.
  13. That's why we do an APWT, surely? Pull the little bendy bit underneath and the nasty man goes away...
  14. I've heard of this happing occasionally with a rifle when MT isn't at the airhead to meet you after a long flight and longer detachment, and the desire to simply get home kicks in! The ammo thing is a new one - thought ammo & weapons had to be carried seperately?

    He should have said he was a sky marshal...
  15. shove it in a began thingy with a black bin liner on it
    sorry rlc probably had a suitcase
    cover it in a binliners