Rlc logistic it system operator

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Gdou9518, Oct 3, 2011.

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  1. Does any1 know what this job is like on operation etc and when intakes are thanks
  2. i heard it's quite bespoke application driven rather than the diversity of IT the Comms Sys Engineers in the Royal Signals do.

    however - it's not Royal Signals so it's got to be better.
  3. ahem, never heard of it?

    do you mean Systems Analyst? Only open to SNCOs & WOs on transfer against a very tight criteria
  4. I think he means Rad Op

    Sit in a land rover/9x9 tent and look after the Bowman radios
  5. last time i looked it was called a "communications specialist"...its a trade that's in decline and has had a fair slice of redundancies...its what was known, in old money, as a Radio Operator, and they, erm, operate radios.

    edited to add, what he said!
  6. seen it on the most wanted jobs bit just thought I wud get a bit of info on it
  7. Radio operator mate, with a bit of P.R spin. Look to the Sigs if you want to do I.T.
  8. Yes I'm just looking for Something to get me in I got a naff grade at adsc I don't care what I do
  9. I believe you may have been referring to those rather elementary RLC (predominately) Log IS called GLOBAL and VITAL. If you were, then rest assured, a good day's training, combined with the merest modicum of intelligence, and you'll be the Provision WO in no time at all.

    Sadly, though, the best Log IS has all but disappeared, this being the Kalamazoo binder, complete with AF G3511K, and that nifty little device, whose name escapes me, for removing old or inserting new cards. To operate this system required a much-higher intellect, and a true understanding of complex operational/non-operational logistics. In addition, one required a true eye, a steady hand, and nerves of steel.

    I recall a time during Granby when the rolling thunder of an Artillery barrage made our 2T box trailer reverberate with a terrible intensity.

    I was awoken from my afternoon slumber, in the suitably-curtained front bunk compartment, by a trembling Sgt who was almost incoherent in his fear. I took control immediately, grasping the nearest card divider/inserter and setting to work on the 6MT4 binder. My hands were steady as a rock as I calmly fired new card after new card until the rotary Kalamazooo card magazine was empty.

    Ordering the Sgt to reload I set the JRs to work, gently admonishing them where necessary but instilling the RAOC fighting spirit into them simultaneously. Soon the job was done and, on cessation of the barrage, we took a binder count and confirmed we had lost none. Naturally, we hadn't.

    It's small actions such as these, that went largely unoticed during this campaign, that enabled operational tempo to be maintained and the enemy to be defeated so swiftly. We sought no thanks and the MBE I was subsequently awarded was modestly received, as was my immediate promotion in the field.

    Anyhow, I digress. It's a good choice of trade son - PM me if you need any further advice or encouragement.

    Sua Tela Tonanti (much superior to 'We Disdain')
  10. no, its a Rad Op.
  11. If it isnt Rad Op then its a funny way of describing a RLC Supplier (storeman)