RLC Lesbians

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Danny_Dravot, May 3, 2005.

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  1. Why is it the RLC short-spikey, peroxide blonde lesbians seem to have a problem with saluting/paying compliments.
  2. Well, if ya see one, bollock em and correct them on their ways :twisted:
  3. Because the overtly lesbian types have a problem with authority and twice as much ammunition to throw back at anyone they can accuse of 'picking on them'.

    Why would anyone with a problem with authority go and join the army.... oh yes, to be butch, masculin and forced to live in a block full of women... silly me! :roll:
  4. I like Lesbians. I think every home should have one.

    RRR's thought for the day.

  5. Oh, don#t get me wrong, I don#t mind watching (the thinner ones) but they have to be able to do the job without causing too much friction. :lol:
  6. Some got RTU'd from Bosnia/Split in 97 when they were caught at it. They were known as the 'Subuteo club' :lol: :lol:
  7. I have been a lesbian trapped inside a mans body for a number of years now.

    Leave em alone, they is miss understood... ;)
  8. RLC bean ticklers are the best, not only are they fat and ugly but they smell of piss and diesel too.

    The Posties produce the best rug munchers IMHO. Discuss.

  9. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    It never bloody worked for me ! :cry:
  10. Prettiest one I saw was a little RMP L/Cpl. She was fcuking gorgeous. Only problem was her buddy was as butch as they come, and scared the sh1t out of me :oops:
  11. Sorry to crash your conversation but im trying to ask people about re-enlistment dramas that ive been havin could you point me in the right direction not for careers advice just for random questions and advice
  12. The ones who lived in my very active imagination (fuelled by years of video study) were always completely different to the ones I saw in reality. I'd sooner scoop my eyeballs out with a hot spoon than watch those but-ugly manimals fcuking :cry:
  13. Start a thread you thread-crashing gimp!

    I would also be grateful if you could take the time to learn punctuation; thank you, close the door on your way out!
  14. Helly,

    The young 'gimp' ws only asking for help!

    Why are you so mean, not getting any?

    Back to thread; Why do woman 'turn' and end up sh**ing girls that look like really ugly men? Surely the point of being a lesbian is that you enjoy the 'female' form and so sh*g a thin, leggy, blonde and stick your fingures up at all the jealous looks from the guys :?
  15. Because it's the way of arrse, we pick on new people until they go away.
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