Discussion in 'RLC' started by Davie18, Mar 11, 2010.

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  1. Allright guys allready posted in the QM Fourm .

    Joined the RLC TA 6months ago, need to get a stable belt and 6 TRFs .

    Is anybody leaving the corps and willing to sell ? or does any one know where i can buy them cheap ?

    Seen some places but not to keen on paying 3/4 quid a TRF .

  2. Ask your QMs for TRFs, ours dishes them out free.
  3. Asked a few times got told we have to buy them becuase where not a RLC unit .

  4. Eh ? Are you RLC or not ?
  5. Yeah i am RLC Chef , but im not a RLC unit , and the unit i am only have TRFs for thier corps .
  6. Get in touch with 5 TA Trg Regt RLC at Grantham.
  7. Yea, youre not quite clear there saying youre RLC TA then saying youre not in a RLC unit.

    whether youre in a RLC unit or not, and are badged as RLC then you should be entitled to TRF's for any shirts and jackets you have, sounds like the storeman is being a bit of a d1ck!
    If i remember correctly they are a requirement and therefore should be issued,
    try cadetdirect.co.uk for a stable belt
  8. Or you could try the RLC shop at http://rlc.pri-shop.net/shop/

    They certainly sell stable belts and may also sell TRFs - give them a ring.

    Good luck!
  9. Uniform - If they want you to wear them then they should issue them - simples. Ask your CoC to speak to the QMs to order you some. If they don't - then don't wear them.

    I know the MoD is hard up up but don't go spending your own cash on things that should be issued.
  10. So no-one in your unit wears stable belts?
  11. I have a couple of spare stable belts but seeing as your TA and a chef I think they will be too small. I suppose you could sew them together.

  12. Cheers guys, i am RLC but not attached to a rlc unit .
  13. Loads of people do - I haven't been issued one so I don't wear one.
  14. Yeah most of the guys were them in my unit, they all had to buy thiers , but they got thier trfs for free
  15. I'll have a chat with the clothing store when I finish leave and see what they recommend. (I'll see if they have any spare TRFs for ya.)