Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Davie18, Mar 11, 2010.

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  1. Allright guys

    Just joined the RLC ( TA ) 6 months ago, i need to get a stable belt and trfs .

    Wheres the chepest place to get them from ?

    Or if anyone is leaving the corps would they sell ?

  2. For STABLE BELT try;
    LE10 2EF
    TEL; 01455 612400

    For TRF try;
    Shop Nr to Brize Norton (Carterton) 01933 867 646
    Shop also at Tidworth 01980 847 972
  3. Sell u a fat boy one.
  4. Ring RLC CVHQ at Grantham for a FREE first issue of RLC TRF's

    Catering Support Regiment
    Royal Logistic Corps
    Prince William of Gloucester Barracks
    NG31 7TJ

    Tel: 0115 957 3156

    or they are .50p each from Deepcut

    Stable Belts are £21


    (plus postage if you do not collect)
  5. Cheers will i have to go throw my unit before calling them ?
  6. Why not speak to your PSI first

  7. Yeah i will, i spoke to him and the QM and they both said i had to buy mine , my mate is rlc driver same issue can he claim the TRFs back or does he have to buy them ? its just becuase its a catering support regiment ? cheers
  8. Ring the PRI at a regular RLC unit (ring guardhouse and get transferred if you don't know the extension) and explain that you are TA RLC and need to buy TRFs and a stable belt etc etc etc. Hopefully you'll get a nice friendly woman who's nice to everyone (most PRIs have such a person) and will pop you a few TRFs and a stable belt in the post for less than most shops charge for the stable belt alone.
  9. you got any detials of any regiments mate ?
  10. no, don't know feck all about the RLC.