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Discussion in 'RLC' started by LeSAUSAGE, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. I heard that there is a Train driving trade in the RLC!

    Is this true!? Where do you get more info on this trade?

  2. There certainly is.

    Railway Operator

    Its a very small trade though and promotion is very slow.
  3. So are the trains we drive.
  4. Don't let BPS666 know there is another trade in the RLC FFS :D
  5. Im applying for this role as Ta at Sport and Pastime. . .
  6. For mongs like that we need to invent a new trade - Human shield or sandbag.
  7. If you're implying 17 Regt it ain't Sport and Pastime any more!!! More bergans and logs now.....
  8. Isn't 275 Railway Troop RLC(V) based at Bicester for the military railway facilities? With the parent unit being 79 Railway Squadron at Marchwood (17 P&M Regt)
  9. I think there is also a Reg detachment based at Bicester.
  10. Yes, Yes and Yes!
  11. I'm not sure I agree about the promotion. The trade is about 30 strong at best and they have one WO1 position and at least one WO2 position. I understand the pyramid is a reasonable shape and that able candidates can progress as well as in any trade. When a Railwayman joins up he has a one in thirty chance of making WO1, much better odds than being a Rad Op.

    Promotion to LCpl and Cpl is, on average, slow across most of the driver related trades. However, for those who make WO1 before their twenty year point, they have been promoted about every third year, much like half of the trades in the Corps, surely.
  12. I guess thats why you're called Mr Logic. :)
  13. Is there a railway job at 165 Regt?

    or is it all just militant, comunist dockers?
  14. I think all Railway Operators are taught at Bicester, Regular & TA. So there must be a regular establishment as well?

    Edited to add. Link names it as the Rail Division of the Defence Movement School.
  15. Thanks for the link!

    I had a look at the info page, but still have some questions!

    What exactly do Train Operators do day to day? (I expect that they dont drive trains 24/7 - 365 days a year, up an down Southampton!)

    How difficult is it to transfer to this CEG?

    The qualification bit seemed a bit vague! Could you go work for GNER when you retired, with army training? Hypothetically that is!

    What pay band are they on?

    If a person does transfer, would they lose rank and pay?

    Thanks for all the info already!