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Discussion in 'RLC' started by hullboy, Dec 17, 2007.

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  1. Has anyone on here done the RLC MSI cse? Just got my joining instructions and they state that I am to prepare a TEN min theory lesson, which include prelims, the subject and then finally an assessment. Just wondered what kind of lessons others have done that have included all that in the massive time of TEN MINS? I had it cracked, till i read that they needed assessments too. Any help greatly appreciated.


  2. How about a 10-minute lesson on how to tie a bow tie? A very useful skill which is sadly lacking in many quarters.

    Good luck with the course!
  3. That's a cracking 20 Min EDIP Skills lesson, shame he wants a theory lesson :wink:
  4. How to fill in a leave pass......damn, its JPA now....oh well!!! :wink:

    But you get the idea, form filling is easy enough, if there is any left we fill in manually. 1033??
  5. For a theory lesson I once did a brief synopsis of the British class system, robbed largely from a “bluffers guide to.” Having sat through 25min on the workings of a fire extinguisher I’d commend something a bit different.
  6. Tying a knot in a rope is always a good one as well.
  7. Try using the following criteria by applying it to any task. You could fill any presentation describing any task as such-


    Results - What do you wish to achieve
    Approach - How will you approach the task
    Deployment - What resources do you need
    Assessment - Assess what you aimed to achieve against plan
    Review - Decide time/method of review of project

    Only a suggestion - plan a piss up