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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Proximo, Dec 18, 2007.

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  1. Dear Logisticians!

    If any of you can find the time, would you consider having a look at your dedicated Category in the Wiki and perhaps filling in some of the blanks for us?

    Note that you will need to create a user account for the Wiki.


    Mods - can you sticky this for me?
  2. A load of crap!! See this extract

    An ATO is an Ammunition Technical Officer, or in other words, a Bomb_Doctor.

    Clearly high on drugs or just designed with a keen sense of service, these chaps are some of the bravest people you'll ever meet.

    Should be high on the praise of others but no mention of their good looks and appeal to the fairer sex - could this be jealousy??
  3. Not a blank as such but GS and CS regts are now Log Sp Regts (I think) and you've missed Pet Ops out of the 'P' Section. Only mention it because it would be a travesty to miss out the best looking portion of the Corps

  4. and you are on duty all the time.
  5. And also no mention of West moors or the DPS a place bursting with good looks, charm, talent and technical knowledge :D
  6. No - the LSRs are there.

    If you think we need 'Pet Ops' in there, then please feel free to create the necessary pages...
  7. Yep always got my hand on my pigstick even in my sleep!
  8. Yes i agree with you, seemed to happen overnight......when were you posted again? :wink:
  9. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Help Proximo out please guys and be reasonably sensible about it.........
  10. Is this part of the seemingly wider MOD initiative to dramatically increase the amount of exploitable open source information that insurgents world wide have access to? I saw a friend's location on News 24 and was able to deduce from TRFs and berets what the total formation composition and strength was.

    Remember kids - COIL its a pneumonic, not just a contraceptive!!
  11. Well, Sherlock, you could have just looked here instead.
  12. I have to object to the lines about Movers:

    (Written by the moved ...)

    Bastards. Absolute complete petty minded little Hitlers who exist only to persecute soldiers trying to get flown anywhere by the RAF.

    || AL1 to above - [a] Deleted "minded" Delete "soldiers", insert "tri-Service personnel and freight"

    Bear a close resemblance to the Vogons from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. They are petty, dull, bureaucratic, small minded and follow the rules to the letter. Over time a game has developed on this theme, called the movements game. The rules to this can be complicated though. In particular, see RAF Mover.

    To begin with most movers are not Bastards, they are much nastier than that, and they do not persercute PAX they simply mess about - because they can. Deliberately passing on false information about take off times and delays is always good for a laugh, as is asking everyone to move into the departure lounge (where the phones dont work and the toilets are blocked) As for the comments about VOGONS, well so what, what are the rules anyway? And daring to mentio Crabfat movers in the same paragraph is simply too much.
    Now then Gents it's time to move!
  13. Yeah nice one fuckface. My point is not how clever I am, its that this info is freely available and though I appreciate the need for positive media coverage for: recruitment purposes, unit and individual recognition and morale as well as wider Army digestion I was able to tell the EXACT composition of a coy group location; something your web site doesn’t show. But hey if the speed at which threat migration occurs between geographically distended and seemingly unconnected enemies shows us one thing its that the Taliban are an unsophisticated lot who don’t have t’internet access!!
  14. oops hey we all make mistakes with Computers ?