RLC in Hull info required

Right I'm after some opinions or advice on transferring to 218 or 512 sqn RLC at Hull

To be quite honest I'm getting sick of being jiffed around by my current unit and think maybe its time to cut my losses.

Im interested in being a drivers comms type which is what I currently do, Im a class one CSop and I currently hold a C licence

Can anyone tell me anything about the RLC in Hull and the job ?


The HQ Sqn IIRC is located directly behind Hull Royal Infirmary. 218 is located along one of the DST driver trg routes and used to have a bloody brilliant bar in the late 80's! If it was down to me I wouldn't be going anywhere near HRI.
If its like inf youll do a lot of stagging on a radio shift and far more work support officers in ur regt. You will have to get comms in or look shit. The It side may be a lot more than ive seen in my past.

Other point.. An rlc regt should be able to sort all he funnies around moving ur class one over but you may like other rlc drvr op roles other units such as 212 or hq 2 med in york ... (but the move of quals may take longer)
218 Tpt Sqn is at Middleton Barracks, 523 HQ Sqn is at Londesborough barracks and is co-located with RHQ. Call either 01482 354278 or 01482 223571 respectively for details.
Please bear in mind tarich is slightly biased being based at 219 himself. Also if you choose to join a Sqn within the Regt which is not the closest to your home/work location (whichever you travel from) you will only be paid HTD for the distance to the closest (as you are choosing to travel the excess distance rather than being posted there). Of course if there are no vacancies in your rank at your nearest Sqn this would justify this excess of HTD.
All joking a side. 218 is a very good sqn with some very good blokes and an excellent work/play ethic. As long as join a 150 Tpt Regt sqn then thats all that matters.
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