Discussion in 'RLC' started by Madmover, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. Hi peeps, need some help!

    I have received my RLC forage cap but it has arrived with no side buttons or RLC front badge. I have managed to get a badge for the front although arnt sure exactly how to afix it. Do you have to take the metal bit thats sticking out of the front and slide the badge in or do you have to force the badge in?

    Also my stores (I am in a non RLC unit) are unable to order the correct side badges/buttons as they cant find the Nato Stock number or even the correct size !!!!!! Does anybody know the NSN or know where I can get some from myself?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


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  2. The metal bit at the front is a guide for the badge, if I remember.(Too long ago and too many Stellas.)
  3. Oh right thanks ! I assume that I have to force the badge BEHIND the guide or in front of it? Either way I dont think it will go in unless I cut it slightly.

    Well thats one piece of the puzzle !!!!

    Cheers buddy !!!
  4. It goes in front of the guide.
  5. Same situation as you madover need the NSN number for the side buttons/badges any offers would be appreciated.
  6. How do you shave that close?
  7. Surely some joker getting their own back on a loggie.

    "I don't care even if you can see it on the shelf - if you can't give me the NSN you ain't having it"
  8. I'm not sure that the buttons are available through the system. When I burst out of my jacket on parade once and lost two buttons (it was a proud moment as you can imagine) I had to buy some replacements from my tailor at about £6 a pop.

    Incidentally, my hatter bloke fitted the badge, strap and buttons for me at RMAS (what do you call a person who makes military hats; a milner?).

    Incidentally, the hat in the picture appears to have the wrong badge and chinstrap fitted to it. Isnt the badge supposed to have coloured enamel on it and the strap larger adjustment tabs rather than that little buckle thing?
  9. madmover check your pm's
  10. A couple of drawing pins might also do the trick.
  11. Does anyone have the NSN for the cap itself?

    The stores here cant seem to find it......................

    Not surprising really I suppose.
  12. As also im RLC in a non-RLC unit, is the forage cap for all ranks ? or just an officer thing ?
  13. forage cap?????????

  14. Good god - you lot are a bunch of niff-naff's

    RCT, RAOC, ACC and Postal and Courier OPS(RE) all had forage caps issued until.....you gorrit 1993 when we all became one happy family.

    RAOC was dark blue with scarlet piping, ACC was grey with royal blue (grey as their food was bland), RCT Royal blue with white piping, PC Ops(RE) Dark blue with some more scarlet stuff).

    All of these items were on issue to all ranks up to and including WO2.

    Wo1 and above wore the service cap, which those poor and underpaid individuals had to pay for themselves (orrifices got a clothing allowance).

    Pioneers had a mixture of dos n don'ts, so I will not even bovver (am I bovvered) to go there!

    RLC units never had them issued (well certainly not when I was still a loggie) and that was 1996. I haven't seen them worn in number 2s since then with the exception of WO2s.

    I have been told (from a not so reliable (stella and kebab fueled) source) that they are a buy it yourself item.......

    I don't have an NSN but good lord one phone call and any self respecting loggie (sup-spec or not) would get the NSN from the right place. Don't they teach you resourcefulness at all any more?!