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Discussion in 'RLC' started by joejoe8, Jun 4, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone advise me what the chances of playing football in RLC.
    I am looking into joining RLC as a Driver.
    Interview next week.
  2. No problem, most accomodation blocks are located near the Unit footy pitch. If your a pad then the Married Quarter gardens are big enough fro 2 a-side!
  3. Thanks for that.

    I would like to know what my chances are of playing football in RLC.
    I have heard RLC are the best.
  4. What real football with humans and balls and stuff?

    We binned that idea 2 years ago due to injuries, however, not all bad news. My Regt are currently Major Unit Champions on FIFA 08 in Germnay!

    Read the RLC website sports page for a proper response.
  5. JoeJoe, what do you really think the chances of playing football are!!! :?

    Kid, like most walks of life, if your good enough you'll play! your talent will dictate the level you'll play at, just don't make out to be the coca cola kid if you ain't 8)

    and don't choose your line of employment within the Army on how good the Footy team is!
  6. As an ex corps player and coach in Germany, the football chances in the RLC are probably better than most of the other corps. The higher standard of football is RLC UK, mainly because they have a larger pool of talent. The engineers are also a good corps for football if you don`t fancy the RLC. All RLC regiments have a team and most Sqns do as well. If you are of a good standard then you will be able to go for Corps Trials. So there is scope for a good selection of football in the RLC. That is of course once you have finished being on tour!!!
  7. failing football, try get yourself a posting in aldershot and take up go karting, far more fun
  8. Why? If your on about that indoor track at ABRO, it closed ages ago!
  9. When did last win the Massey Trophy then? :wink:
  10. really, shows how long its been since ive been to aldershot, such a shame, had many a fun day at that place, is the dry ski slope still going or has that shut aswell
  11. Never won the Massey trophy! :(
  12. As well you know!!! BooHoo
  13. Its still going